Twitter and morons don’t mix…or do they?

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When I saw this posted up online, I loved it! Rick Santorum, republican moron extraordinaire posted a tweet stating…


“An unborn child  is a human life, and like any one of us, worthy of basic dignity, respect and protection.”


Riiiiiiiiiiight. To which smarty pants awesome guy Daniel Velazquez replied


“So are homosexuals, but I don’t see you respecting them or their rights. #justsayin”



Well put Daniel. That kind of made my day. I wonder if he replied to it. Jerk.

One of RuPaul’s latest “Gargoyles” will be partying on Long Island tonight!

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In the ever moving “gay club” scene on Long Island, tonight Gation will be run at the old “Glass” nightclub on Montauk Highway in Blue Point. Now, it’s called Sho. Tonight, Jiggly Caliente from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 (on Monday nights on Logo) will be partying it up drag queen style, right in our very own back yard! Jiggly is from New York, and has been reppin’ the drag scene for years! She is “hot, hot, hot”! And, she represents for the big girls! Check it out, and let me know how it was!





Thankfully, the entire craigslist ad was a hoax

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So, the story I brought to you on Monday about the father buying his son a new macbook, to keep him from being gay was all a hoax.  The ads author, says the ad was part of a project he’s working on, and that the entire this was a hoax, something he has done multiple times.


“I write horrible posts on Craigslist all over the country to see what issues make people angriest for a project I’m putting together. I’m sorry anyone that was offended,” the prankster told ‘Talk About Equality’.

In case you decide to stay in this weekend!

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There are several posts im looking to do about Netflix – like how Netflix totally judges my taste in films…but for today I thought I would leave you with a list of some very good gay/lesbian/LGBTQ movies that you can access on Netflix to watch, should you want to do so!


The following films are not “gay” or “lesbian” but more so about several groups of our community, and the LGBTQ community as a whole! More on lesbian, gay and transgender movies another day!


Training Rules – I blogged about this one – search it using our “search box”!


The Topp Twins - Australian Vaudeville at it’s best! Search that on here too!


But I’m a Cheerleader – the hilarious story of gay teens at a “reform” camp! Starring Natasha Lyonne!


Venus Boyz - the amazing story of Drag Kings, Drag Queens and gender non-conformists in NYC.


Now grab some pop-corn, your rainbow tye-dye Snuggie and enjoy!


Stonybrook University Hospital is home to Rainbow’s!

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts today – I am supposed to be updating you guys three times per day – and most days I do that and more! However, I must apologize today as I was not able to post. My father is ill, and I needed to be by his side at Stonybrook Hospital today.


Everyone there was really nice, and very respectful when I introduced Jacqueline as my partner. I was glad about this, because I needed her support and to hold her hand today. We are very open in public – we don’t make out because we respect PDA boundaries, but 99.9% of the time, if you see us in public, we will be holding hands or arms. We also freely share the occasional small kiss.


Anyhow, I digress on the awesomeness that is my lesbian superstar relationship….


SO….today at Stonybrook there were two “gay friendly” things that caught my attention! The first was the Starbucks in the lobby which was awesome and huge. The second was the window(s) of the Pediatric Emergency Room, which was a rainbow patterned display of butterflies (as seen in the pic above). Anyhow – ill be back to posting it up tomorrow, and I ask that if you read this, please keep my family in your thoughts. See ya tomorrow my lovely little “gabies”!

Friday in Babylon, Sunday Night at the new Bunkhouse with me!

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The ladies are finally starting to represent on Long Island! I run a very popular group for Long Island Lesbian/Bi/Trans women, and another group – Long Island Les Events is off and running too!


Tonight (Friday) is a ladies get together at Mary Caroll’s at 121 Deer Park Ave, Babylon starting at 9:30. Since it’s a neighborhood bar – look for the cute girls handing out beads - don’t just go waling up to the first hot chick you see! LOL! Big up to Michelle P., the events organizer, for spreading the love!! I’ll see you all there!


Then, on Sunday you can come see me, Erinn Furey – an American Idol finialist who has performed at LI and NYC Pride, on Broadway, on tour with major pop stars and has even sung with Talib Kweli! This Sunday i’ll be performing at the new Bunk House at 620 Waverly Ave. in Patchogue, for their new Spotlight Sundays! Check out the FB event here! Doors open at 8, with two shows at 9:30 and 10:30! Come catch me with my partner, and awesome band The Free Candy Band! We’ll be rocking, handing out candy and more! Extra special shout out again to Michelle P. for advertising this too!


And stay tuned for Monday, April 2nd – we will be co-hosting a ladies “speed-friending” night with the Tula Kitchen in Bayshore! Music provided by Moi!


Please – come up and say “hi” at the events! I’d love to meet you and share my candy!!!

Who doesn’t want adult toys and other fun stuff??! (and I’m still talking about Ice Cream…!)

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I’m so excited because I’m having a Passion Party in August! If you haven’t been to one – or you are a dude – Passion Parties are the ultimate in adult at-home party fun! These parties are so fun – the last time I had one over 35 women of ALL ages showed up! And to spice mine up, I’m saying ‘screw the taco dip and mini-hot dogs’ and yay for Ice Cream! Everyone has been asked to bring an Ice Cream of their choosing or a fun topping!! Lesbians + Passion Party + Ice Cream =



Forget those boring Tupperware and jewelry parties – Passion Parties bring the fun things your embarrassed to buy, right into your home and teaches you a lot you were afraid to ask! You get to have fun and see the items with everyone, but order in private! It’s perfect!


My friend Kelly Ann is an amazing consultant in the Long Island area. She is hysterical, hot and totally stocked up! Kelly is totally down with lesbians and our culture that she is great at hosting parties!


You can check out more from her and some of the sassy products here…!


Free your mind and don’t be embarrassed! There is nothing wrong with having a happy, healthy and fun sexual relationship – just remember to be SAFE!!! (Lesbians, this means you too!!) The party is in August, so you’ll have to wait until then for the details! But, until then – put a little passion in your life by emailing Kelly Ann and spicing up your next party!!