Magazine cover boasts some of the top LGBTQ out stars of the day

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Last week, Entertainment Weekly focused solely on LGBTQ actors in Hollywood in their issue ‘The New Art of Coming Out’. This issue was brought to my attention by my awesome friend “R”. In the issue, outing in Hollywood is discussed, as well as how coming out is not the same as it was back in the day for Ellen DeGeneres.


According to EW mag, for more on the “new” style of coming out — including how David Hyde Pierce, T.R. Knight, and Neil Patrick Harris helped to pave the way, and how some celebrities are currently struggling with maintaining a not-out-but-not-in “glass closet”  you can check out the magazine issue in print or on your iPad!


Other celebs profiled include Wanda Sykes, recent outie Jim Parsons, lesbian Glee goddess Jane Lynch and more! This issue is not to be missed!

Together: Stories by Pride Toronto & Google+

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Very cool clip, like everything else Google touches(except for those of you that are against Google+ haha) this video is very clean, to the point, professionally done, and helps spread a good vibe.   That guy Ray, from the military- whoa! that’s one scary dude, he’s the type of guy I would want standing next to me in battle,  he’s a big bad soldier with the strength of a whole Army packed into a giant teddy bear-  I want to be Rays friend!

Who doesn’t want adult toys and other fun stuff??! (and I’m still talking about Ice Cream…!)

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I’m so excited because I’m having a Passion Party in August! If you haven’t been to one – or you are a dude – Passion Parties are the ultimate in adult at-home party fun! These parties are so fun – the last time I had one over 35 women of ALL ages showed up! And to spice mine up, I’m saying ‘screw the taco dip and mini-hot dogs’ and yay for Ice Cream! Everyone has been asked to bring an Ice Cream of their choosing or a fun topping!! Lesbians + Passion Party + Ice Cream =



Forget those boring Tupperware and jewelry parties – Passion Parties bring the fun things your embarrassed to buy, right into your home and teaches you a lot you were afraid to ask! You get to have fun and see the items with everyone, but order in private! It’s perfect!


My friend Kelly Ann is an amazing consultant in the Long Island area. She is hysterical, hot and totally stocked up! Kelly is totally down with lesbians and our culture that she is great at hosting parties!


You can check out more from her and some of the sassy products here…!


Free your mind and don’t be embarrassed! There is nothing wrong with having a happy, healthy and fun sexual relationship – just remember to be SAFE!!! (Lesbians, this means you too!!) The party is in August, so you’ll have to wait until then for the details! But, until then – put a little passion in your life by emailing Kelly Ann and spicing up your next party!!

A simply put argument for the haters…

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Exactly! Rachel  Maddow shares her simply yet perfectly poignant view on civil rights and gay rights…


they are RIGHTS.


I thought this quote and picture was worth 1,000 words so I wanted to share it with you this morning. Whenever you encounter someone who doesn’t “believe” in homosexuality, or thinks gays shouldn’t have rights, tell them this and shut them down.


Oh, and I liked this one too…



They can have their “beliefs”, but you’re an idiot if you think your belief gets to determine things that our forefathers laid out as inalienable rights.



Cake Boss agrees to pull episode in which Carmen was dissed for being transgender

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Yesterday we reported that Carmen Carrera, the beautiful woman who was disrespected on TLC’s Cake Boss this week, was successful in getting an apology from Buddy himself for his actions. Now its even better – TLC has agreed to pull the episode, edit it and take out that portion of the show!



Congrats to Carmen, the transgender community and to TLC for doing the right thing! Success! The Internet rocks!

Brentwood GSA students, advisors (me!) and friends featured on Pride Parade website!

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Today while researching the very promising and awesome sounding upcoming Long Island Pride parade, I was totally psyched to see my face – and group – on the screen!


Last year I was a co-advisor for the Brentwood Gay Lesbian Straight Alliance along with two other amazing teachers and a huge group of very brave, very cool students! Since I was performing in the parade, I was able to get some scholarship money from a parade committee member and register the Brenwwood group for the first time ever!


(It’s me! On my screen! At Starbucks!) 


Marching in the parade with the students and my partner was exhilarating, inspiring and super fun! There are BIG things in store for the parade this year now the The GLBT Service Network is running the parade! And we here at will have some BIG pride announcements for you coming up weekly! (Including one really good one!) Stay tuned and make sure you come on down to Huntington on Saturday June 9th at 1pm for the parade, then walk down to Heckscher Park for an amazing concert and vendors to follow! Check out their great site. for more info!



Ill definitely see you there! Come say “hi”!

Child celebs make awesome vid to tell you what an IDIOT Kirk Cameron is…

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Today an awesome video went viral! You all remember last month, when Kirk Cameron was on Piers Morgan spewing stupid crap about the LGBTQ community. It was ugly, embarrassing and now, led to an awesome video where they call him a dick! It made me laugh, cry and feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


The video stars such child celebs as the pretty girl from Charles in Charge, the kid from Mr. Belvedere, the girl from Out of This World (my fav!), the guy from Parent’Hood, the boy from the Hogan Family and the cute little sister from Step by Step. (No, their names aren’t important and you wont remember their names anyhow.) Except for Evie – remember her – her dad was in the crystal and she could stop time with her fingers! I SO wanted to be her!



Some awesome quotes…


“The problem (with Kirk) is…he’s one of us – and he should know better!”


“I would challenge him to name one thing that gays ever did to hurt him, his community or civilization as a whole.”


“Wait…why I am holding scissors?”


Awesome “Out of this World” reference


“I’m a CCOKC – and Kirk, you’re just a dick.”


Thank you random child stars – we love you and this. I really hope Kirk speaks out and embarrasses himself addressing this! So GOOD!