Last nights episode featuring Carmen Carrera turns Jerry Springer-esque

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My favorite transgender person in the whole world (and not-so-secret-crush) is Carmen Carrera, from  RuPaul’s Drag Race. Carmen was on the show as a man but has recently come out as transitioning. (Check out the earlier posts about the lovely, amazing Miss Carmen.) Now that Carmen is undergoing her process, she is also bravely appearing on television shows, spreading the word about the transgender community.


Last night the beautiful Carmen was on TLC’s Cake Boss – and it did not turn out as Carmen planned. According to her Facebook page (where she looks SO FIERCE!)…


” I’m really trying to be a positive role model for trans people and it upsets me that after I SPECIFICALLY asked the producers of “Cake Boss” NOT to disrespect me or trans people. Before I agreed to do this show, I was assured and then reassured that it wasn’t going to be like the JERRY SPRINGER show or MAURY. Let me make this clear. CALLING A TRANSGENDER WOMAN A MAN IS WRONG. Period. Its degrading, its rude, and its very hurtful. I may not have been born a woman, but im NOT a man. I told them I would mind if they said “born male” or “was a male”. After taking this journey its not fair at all to be lied to by the producers. PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG. EDUCATE AND PROMOTE EQUALITY AND RESPECT!!!!!!! “


So it turns out that in an episode where Carmen was supposed to normalize transgender people, she was instead lied to as the butt of an ignorant and hurtful joke. Doesn’t TLC see that this move could potentially kill many trans people who are struggling with themselves? Don’t they see that Carmen is amazing, beautiful, talented and REAL? (okay, maybe I’m biased because I’m kind of in love with her.)


She looks just like an around the way girl from my hood! Ugh, I LOVE her!


Carmen is so upset, and calling for mobilization on her Facebook page, which is happy to help with! Check out the petition on that Carmen has going - sign it, pass it on and tell Carmen and the trans community that we support and love you! Here’s some info from the petition…


The plot of the episode was to use Carmen to lure one of the bakery’s employees to flirt with her as a prank. Before filming, Carmen educated producers on what terms to use and what phrases would not be offensive, i.e. “Carmen was BORN male” or “Carmen is a transgendered woman”. Producers AGREED to respect her wishes, however, when the show aired it was a blatant “THAT’S A MAN” moment – very reminiscent of (trashy) shows like Jerry Springer or Maury.

This type of ignorance should not be allowed.

There are people around the world who kill themselves because of gender identity disorder. There are people who are bullied, tormented and feel indifferent every single day. This episode brought Carmen Carrera to tears because she does NOT want any part of a program that promotes such ignorance and miseducation.

Please, fight for the rights and the RESPECT of PEOPLE. Not just the trans community but for everyone, equally.


Sign the petition today and tell Carmen we support her!


P.S. – Carmen – call me! I love you! Hehe!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day – why can’t I find gay cards?

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…and its going to be hard to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day for your partner! Last year, I got my girlfriend a card with two puppies sleeping on it, becuase cards for us LGBTQ folks are not carried in most stores. In doing research for LGBTQ cards, I came across several interesting facts.


1) Hallmark only began to make LGBTQ cards 2 years ago.

2) You can only buy them online.

3) Most of them are not really for LGBTQ folks, but are non-gendered or have animals in place of gays. (Great way to use the old “if gays can marry soon sheep will be able to marry too” imagery, Hallmark.)

4) Any other “gay” cards I found were not really for gays and kind of offensive…see?



So, onward into the recesses of the internet I searched. I also lurked through the aisles of a few…ahem…”adult” shops, but didn’t really find any cards there either that weren’t offensive or clearly geared towards straight men. (No offense, dudes.)


What I did find was that you can order LGBTQ cards on Etsy or Cafe Press, and you can also check out the website “a little to the left” .com. This site for LGBTQ greeting cards was founded by a lesbian woman who felt just as annoyed as us that she couldn’t find a card for her partner in the store. Well, okay…you really still cant find LGBTQ cards in stores, but at least you can order them! Or, do like my girlfriend and I and make your own card! Or…order something today – time is running out!


Obama, Gays and Politics – Oh, My!

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Well, all the hoopla surrounding President Obamas “backing” of same-sex marriage this week has seemed to set a fire-island storm about the nation!


Barack spoke with Robin Roberts of ABC news for the big “announcement”. Interesting, as sources claim that Roberts herself is a lesbian and quietly partnered up. It seesm that while Ms. ROberts was excited to bag the interview she also feared that the President may out her during the process! He didnt, but think of the huge steps Robin could help take for black gay Americans if she came out now!



Earlier this week we spoke about Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton backing Obama’s stance, and now others have joined suit. And while reports across the nation state that many Black-Christian based church are struggling with the call to accept LGBTQ people as memebers of their congregation, it is happening.

Too bad Obama isnt really saying much about gay marriage…


You see, Barack is speaking out in support of same-sex marriage, but he has also gone on record in the same days stating that marriage should be a state by state issue. He has said nthing about striking down DOMA nor appeaing Prop 8 in California or Amendement 1 in North Carolina. And along with that goes rights.


“I continue to believe that this is an issue that is going to be worked at the local level because, historically, this has not been a federal issue,” he said


And, according to the NY Post, when referring to Mitt Romney’s support for a constitutional amendment to bar same-sex marriage, the president warned it would be “a mistake to try to make what has traditionally been a state issue into a national issue.”


Womp womp womp.


So get out there and spread the word – tell President Obama to be real with the LGBTQ community since he is striding towards re-election.

The Huffington Post celebreate all good, gay and lesbian in the world weekly with LGBTQ highlights!

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Over at The Huffington Post (one of my favorite news blogs) there are celebrating all things gay and lesbian with the “Best Lesbian Week Ever” and “18 Of The Best LGBT Moments Of The Week, April 22-28″.


The two articles highlight all that is good in the world and happening in gay news that is positive. All too much we hear stories of hate, of how our lives are a “conversation topic” or “debate issue”. It can be sadding and frustrating. Thank goodness that there are sites like The Huff Post to stand up for our cause and families!


This past week, The Huffington post celebrated all that is postivie with two awesome stories. The first one is “Best Lesbian Week Ever” for April 20-27 and girl is it ever! This great article highlights Brittany and Santana’s adorable and gender fixed version of  the late gret Whitney Houston’s “I Want To Dance With Somebody”! They even changed the lyrics to ”I need a woman who’ll take a chance.” Sweet!




They also highlighted the lesbian sex scene from The Good Wife with Juliana Marguiles… don’t get too excited – Juliana isn’t the one getting or going down. But the girls who are…oh my.

(Skip ahead to 2 minutes in.)
Okay…after you take a breather from the foreplay and a laugh from the very straight-girl looking kiss,  hop on over to Huff Post’s article on The Best Gay Week Ever, where they highlight imporant groundbreaking events that have taken place in the LGBTQ community and world this past week. Some of the interesting, inspiring and intelligent artciles include:


Latina Transgender Woman Given Award By The Justice Department



Lawmaker Wants Navy To Name Ship After Harvey Milk
Psychiatrist Behind Retracted ‘Ex-Gay’ Study Apologizes To Gay Community, Patients
Barney Frank Slams Mitt Romney’s ‘Despicable’ Anti-Gay Views


And more! Head on over and get your head in the game! It’s importnat to know whats happening in this world and how it relates to your rights and future!


Go Huff post!


Remember that time that Arianna Huffington almost got down with Shane? Hah!


Twitter account @homophobes gives light to some of the awfulness that is out there.

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A few weeks ago one of our awesome readers sent me information on an interesting but frightening Twitter account called “100 real tweets from someone who would murder their gay child”.



This sad Twitter account is run by people who are pro-lgbtq, but want to bring awareness to the hate that is out there. So, they re-tweet (RT) these hateful tweets. And while you know it exists, when seeing it in plain text, it is frightening.


This all came about when on March 12, 2012, the hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic. People used this hashtag to “tweet to” their future child. They site found over 100 real tweets from real people — all within 24 hours — saying they would murder their child if he or she was gay.





And while this account is interesting to read, it also perplexes me. Is is raising awareness or promoting and popularizing others’ hateful words? I’m not sure – I think it is both. It’s that old – know your enemy adage, y’know? What do y’all think?

HRC helps you call out homophobia on your Facebook!

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Link up with the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) to say enough is enough with the homophobia! HRC has released a new tool that will easily enter one of five pre-determined, anti-hate statements into your Facebook status and link your friends to the site, so they can do the same!


It seems like every day we are faced with abother homophobic rant, either in politics, sports or mainstream media. It is time to take a stand, verbalize your support and get “The Straights” in on it too! Go to the HRC website today, search “call it out” and change hearts today!

Sexiness wrapped in Rainbow socks

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Selecting todays picture was an absolute no brainer for me.  With everything that went on yesterday with Amendment One(which i’ll be covering too, im sorry it’s not up yet) my day started off in a bit of a funk.  Then I sign on to bring you guys the goodness, and I see I have a message waiting for me from a guy named “JoeJoe”, spewing some BS about ‘everything that is rainbow colored isn’t gay.’


Hey Joe, blah blah blah, if you don’t like my content, don’t read my blog, simple as that.  And just as a side note, your little ‘rainbow’ comment accomplished nothing. You see, it didn’t stop me from posting rainbows,  all it made me do was post more rainbows… wrapped around quite a nice set of legs if I may say so myself.   She’s not gay?! uhhhh WHO CARES!? her body looks like it was hand carved by a bunch of angels on their lunch break.


JoeJoe, I got something for you buddy: rainbowrainbowrainbowrainbowrainbow