ROYGBIV comes to visit me in bed!

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Beautiful!! I have been home sick this week – more on that later or tomorrow- however yesterday when I was lying in bed wishing I felt better – a Rainbow appeared on my ceiling! My girlfriend took a picture of it! I was so excited I actually got up to touch it!  You could see every color beautifully – it was a sign from God if you ask me! He was saying – get better, stay gay and keep on truckin’. Or something like that. Either way, it absolutely made me feel better!


If you are out there and you see a beautiful rainbow appear naturally somewhere – snap a pic and we can start a reader rainbow gallery!


Have a wonderful day y’all!


Bi-sexual star of MTV suffers brain damage.

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In the ever dramatic twisting and turnig of Telia Tequila’s life – the “actress/model”  has now suffered both a brain aneurysm and a probably drug overdose at her California home. Details are only coming out now, but it seems that the poor girl has been down and out since the (probably drug realted) death of her girlfriend/fiance Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson back in 2010. That was so sad – after Casey died, I remember reading an article about them taking Casey’s cats from Tila. Thats breaking the lesbian law.



Now it seems that last week Ms. Tequila suffered some sort of brain issue, was sent home and was suicidal. Reports are coming in that at about 1:30 am today Tila was rushed to a CA hospital after being found by a friend convulsing on her bed after not returning calls. This culminates a month of weird Myspace posts, suicidal tweets and her claiming to have a split personality that sometimes takes over. Ms. Tequila was also involved an a domestic assault law suit with her former football boyfriend. She was also making headlines in January for announcing that she was (publicly) converting to Judaism. As of today, reports from the hopsital are saying that Tila has both brain and speech damage from the recent events. I’m saying a prayer for you, girl. Maybe you should have stayed with Dani Campbell! Either way, your in my heart you little hottie. God bless.

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiGAYgo?

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So today, while doing work for my band, The Free Candy Band – I saw this picture on the sidebar and gasped with gayness! By all accounts, it appears to be either Rainbow carnival style slides or (even better) rainbow water slides! That’s what it looks like to me! When I clicked on the link, I was sadly disappointed and redirected to groupon.coms log in. Womp.


I googled “rainbow slides” but only came up with colored carnival slides that were not in the perfect ROYGBIV order!  I did however find other rainbow slides which I found to be very cool! Check it!



Could this be the stairway to gay heaven? 



The best I could do was save this little picture and ask you, my dear readers – where can I slide my bootie down the rainbow? Where is this ride of good gayness?

Who doesn’t want adult toys and other fun stuff??! (and I’m still talking about Ice Cream…!)

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I’m so excited because I’m having a Passion Party in August! If you haven’t been to one – or you are a dude – Passion Parties are the ultimate in adult at-home party fun! These parties are so fun – the last time I had one over 35 women of ALL ages showed up! And to spice mine up, I’m saying ‘screw the taco dip and mini-hot dogs’ and yay for Ice Cream! Everyone has been asked to bring an Ice Cream of their choosing or a fun topping!! Lesbians + Passion Party + Ice Cream =



Forget those boring Tupperware and jewelry parties – Passion Parties bring the fun things your embarrassed to buy, right into your home and teaches you a lot you were afraid to ask! You get to have fun and see the items with everyone, but order in private! It’s perfect!


My friend Kelly Ann is an amazing consultant in the Long Island area. She is hysterical, hot and totally stocked up! Kelly is totally down with lesbians and our culture that she is great at hosting parties!


You can check out more from her and some of the sassy products here…!


Free your mind and don’t be embarrassed! There is nothing wrong with having a happy, healthy and fun sexual relationship – just remember to be SAFE!!! (Lesbians, this means you too!!) The party is in August, so you’ll have to wait until then for the details! But, until then – put a little passion in your life by emailing Kelly Ann and spicing up your next party!!

Sulu and Stern contributor George Takei takes to Twitter and makes an awesome point!

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One of my favorite gay men, George Takei of Star Trek fame, has taken to his Twitter and Facebook to poll his heterosexual “tweeps” about their own sexality.


Much like the comments that hate groups and crazy zealots speak about homosexuality, Mr. Takei in all his awesome wit has developed this quick poll…


Hysterical! I’m looking forward to how many peolpe take the poll and what the results are, as if they matter!


Whether he’s being hysterical on Twitter or ripping it up on Howard Stern, George Takei is one of my favorite funny people. Thanks for this funny little gem George! Keep on keepin’ on!

High School Junior Courtney Kenyon’s “Do it For Us” campaign to save the arts!

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Today we have to take a minute to highlight a local hero – an East Islip High School junior named Courtney Kenyon. Courtney is a very talented, smart and beautiful young women who has decided to use her love of the arts to save music and art programs at her school on Long Island.



Courtney created a video and campaign in less than 24 hours called “Do it For Us” – a plea to the residents and school administration to keep arts and extra curricular programming in the schools. As of next year, it may all be gone.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Courtney and her family by means of community theatre for quite a while and I am not surprised that this young woman has kick started an important campaign to save the arts and extra curricular programs in the East Islip school district! After hearing the school board announce probable budget cuts to the music, arts, sports and after school programs in January,the students got nervous. Recently, when the budget didn’t pass, the district fixed up the budget – and regardless of passing or not, the programs were still going to go.


On June 19th the vote will come up again. And this time, even if the budget passes, it will mean modified programming for the district, meaning five or six varsity sports teams, one general music class, and still no clubs. Courtney also expressed that the drama department would suffer as well, including the school musical. “If there are no music teachers, who’s going to teach the music for the musical?”

So, Courtney made this amazing video in 24 hours! She filmed it, edited and put it up to help convince people to save the arts. Courtney explained to me that the students cant really “sell” the budget, so they have to be careful how they advocate. I think this is a great start. So watch it today, and show your support by voting in your school districts elections and by calling the East Islip School District Superintendent John Finello at 631- 224-2010 and tell them you agree with Courtney- Do it For us!


Courtney – we salute your bravery, talent, kind heart and citizenship. More youth should be like you. Music, art and theater programs are safe havens for many in the LGBTQ community. As a youth, without these programs, coming out and being who I am would have seemed impossible. Best of luck with your campaign Courtney – you are doing God’s work!



Bruno Mars “came out”-  Bad timing or really an April Fools prank?

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The internet was buzzing yesterday with the story that Bruno Mars publicly came out during a radio interview on Sunday.  It is reported that he outed himself during a Chicago Radio Station on April 1st, leaving plenty of speculation open on whether or not it was an April Fools Day prank.  Bruno has always…  how would you say… been questionable in my mind?   Obviously if someone as adorably charming and talented as Bruno Mars were to admit to the claims, we would certainly welcome him with open arms!


After the interview, Bruno Mars was trending on Twitter, with the public making their case on whether they thought it was real or not, some supporting, and some calling his bluff.  This is just a screenshot of 3 I found in a row,  you can do a Twitter search yourself, but there wasn’t anything exciting to be found.


If it’s true Bruno, then wePRIDEny is proud to stand by your side. You would be a great voice to have on our side,  the more star power working with us,  the better!