Party, be safe and be gay…Americans?

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Tomorrow is the 4th of July! That means sparklers, The Fire Island Invasion and lots of gayness! Wait…why do we celebrate this holiday again?


I mean, by all means, enjoy your 4th of July – just don’t forget that we still live in an ‘independent’ country that treats each and every gay person as a second class citizen. Maybe one day there will be a ‘Gay Independence Day’ in the good ol’ U.S. of A. that will actually celebrate treating its people right. Just something to think about while we get carried away and PARRRTAY. Just like this guy…..right??



Anyhow – i’ll be at the Invasion of The Pines on Fire Island, trying to party my “American” away! Enjoy and Happy 4th! Were off for the day, so i’ll see  you on Thursday!

Real life (sort of) Disney Princesses come alive to get you through the rest of your Manic Monday!

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Disney Princess a la “Street Fighter” DOPE!


A few weeks ago we brought you the story of the amazing pictures that were taken by Ryan Astamendi, in which real life women were portrayed as Disney Princesses. Check it out -



As a tribute to the “modern day princess” – I bring you the real life Disney Princess edition of Monday Funday! So sit back, relax your mind and enjoy some really awesome pictures to get you through the rest of your Monday!


After the butt kicking Disney Princesses of Street Fighter, you can then sit back and enjoy Disney Princess Pinup Version 1:

Ooh la la! I think my favorite is Jasmine! (Curves ahead!)


If that’s a little too tame for you, you can always get protection from The Disney Princess Sailor Moon Crew!

As an anime nerd, I LOVE this one! They all look super cool! Check out Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas! Bad ass!


Here’s another awesome Disney Pin-up picture, its especially cool because it contains many of the female Disney characters, and not just the princesses. (Prior to what many may think – not all little girls want to grow up to be princesses – myself included! So i’m glad the other women get a shout out here too!

I honestly cannot chose my favorite here!


Ok – so this next one is for all you zombie-loving-walking-dead-thriller lovers…

This picture is SICK! I have a feeling that the blogger over at our awesome sister site would love this one! She is a sick makeup artist and i’ve seen her pictures  of the amazing zombie-esque work she does! This one’s for you Jill!


If the zombie princess look isnt exactly for you, then you might really dig this next one – it’s all the Disney Princesses dressed up as modern pop-stars!

Can you spot who is Brittney, Katy, Gaga, Beyonce and more? I think Jasmine is Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussy Cat Dolls. (Damn I love her.)


But wait – there’s more! Not only can the Disney ladies kick butt as Anime and Street Fighter characters, they are all also undercover superheros!


Pow! Wham! Zap!


And last but not least, I leave you with this amazing picture of how the Princesses would look with the ultimate makeover – Villain’ed out as the same villain from their movie!


I hope you enjoy these pics and scroll over their awesomeness several times! This is definitely one you should share with your friends! Happy Monday, love wePRIDEny!


Kiss someone and burn calories – then come see The Free Candy Band and indulge!

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Have a great weekend y’all! I’ll be getting down with some friends tonight at my place for me and my girls birthdays. Then, it’s a long weekend rehearsing and recording with my band, The Free Candy Band!


On Sunday night were playing at The New Bunkhouse, on Long Island in Patchogue. (620 Waverly Ave.) The Bunkhouse is Long Islands hottest gay club –  all new, huge and GORGEOUS! Theres a large dance floor, VIP areas, seating and a good size bar. Bonus- no cover! We go on around 9 and are doing a live recording! We’d love for you to come down and show some support! Were recording live tracks for our upcoming E.P. “Songs for a Straight Girl” and would love your energy!







Whatever you do – enjoy, stay true to yourself and kiss someone this weekend – even if it is your cat! It’s scientifically proven to lift your spirits! (And burn calories!!)

Have no fear – Miss Furey is here to direct you in all things gay and social this weekend!

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It’s Friday, the work week is almost done and your wondering what to do that is gay on Long Island this weekend!


Well, there is lot’s to do! We have a wonderful and thriving gay community complete with some awesome club nights!


Tonight, Friday, you can head on over to Smithtown for Halo Fridays, Bohemia for Metro Fridays or The Bunkhouse for their Friday Latin Fusion nights, starting tonight with “Cafe con Leche”!


Aye Dios Mio im excited!

Then, for tomorrow night you can also head back to The Bunkhouse for DaBunk Saturday party, which is Cinco De Mayo themed, of course! And don’t forget – my band, The Free Candy Band will be back at The Bunkhouse on Friday, May 25th to kick off Memorial Day weekend! Mark your calendars!

Drama through the roof as soon as ‘The Donald’ opens his mouth

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I swear I’m not beating this story to death-  it’s more like Donal Trump just decided to use his power to turn this into yet another money making/publicity stunt for himself.  Let me get this off my chest: I respect The Donald in the sense that he knows how to work the giant machine that is the Hollywood.  But at the same token, I absolutely despise him for exploiting every single detail of his life and business just to make a buck,  he just irks me!


As we previously reported, Donald Trump disqualified transgender model Jenna Talackova from the Miss Universe Pageant.   Once Jenna lawyered up with the world famous Gloria Allred and fired back with some legal ammo of her own-  The Donald has now finally agreed to let Jenna back into the competition.  In the above audio clip from TMZ you can hear The Donald talking like the conceited business minded ass that he is, pounding his chest over how many tickets he’s sold, and how much money he’s going to make because of this.



At this point Jenna Talackova will be competing in the Miss Universe Pageant in December of 2012.  Donald Trump agreed she’s allowed to compete because he “follows the rules”, but other than that he has stated he “couldn’t care less” if Jenna even competes.   It’s a shame this had to turn into this,  but once the media takes things and blows them up to this proportion,  someone like Donald Trump is sure to make a quick buck off of it.

Conservative GOProud blogger passes away, leaving controversy in his wake.

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Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart has passed away at the age of 43 from a heart attack while walking near his Brentwood, CA home.


Breitbart was an outspoken journalist, blogger and right-wing activist. Breitbart was well known for exposing former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal. He was also behind the withc-hunt that wrongly took down former U.S Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod.


Breibart also caught much attention when he joined the Board of Directors at GOProud, a right-wing conservative gay political group. Prior to this move, Breibart has been known for attacking GLSEN, advocating for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Breibart left the position after insiders from GOProud outed one of Rick Perry’s staff aides.


Breibart leaves behind several websites, including his most popular He also leaves a wife and four children.


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Yeah girl, it’s shocking!


RuPauls’ Drag Race will soon be airing its all-star edition as it’s 5th season. Oooh girl it is going to be good! Just check out the cast!



The full Drag Race All Stars cast includes Pandora Boxx, Chad Michaels, Yara Sofia, Jujubee, Nina Flowers, Mimi Imfurst, Manila Luzon, Shannel, Alexis Matteo, Tammie Brown, Raven, and Latrice Royale! But alas, no Sharon Needles. Sigh.



I’m not sure when the season will air yet, but I’m sure it will be FEIRCE! Just look at all these Divas! (With a capital ‘D’!)



I’m really happy that one of my favorites, Latrice Royale will get her shot at the crown!