Shareholders reject protection of its LGBT employees

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The gas and oil greed kings of the world are at it again.  10 years ago before the Exxon/Mobil merger happened, Mobil was a ‘nice’ oil company that prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation… meaning it offered health benefits to domestic partners of its employees;  giving them the same rights as the rest of the company.


Well, for the past decade, that wasn’t the case-  with the big merger came stricter guidelines, guidelines that refused new employees the equal opportunity they deserved.



Sadly, on Wednesday, 80 percent of shareholders shot down the idea of amending the companies equal employment opportunity policy, which would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. All of the specifics on the story can be found here.


Doesn’t that seem like an alarmingly high percentage? I’d like to think that this is more of a financial decision than a moral decision?      I guess what I’m saying is; is this greedy Exxon/Mobil saving an extra $100 million a year in employee benefits?  or is this 80% of Exxon/Mobil genuinely hating the gay and lesbian community?     hmmmmm



Whips and chains and ropes, oh my!

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It’s another Wednesday! So, if you’re not as lucky as I am to have two amazing gay jobs, you’ll need a little laugh (or nookie) to get you to Friday. Now, I can’t provide the nookie, but I’m sure here for the laughs and slightly-biased gay info!

Speaking of laughs, this is awesome! I’m not sure if this is a sign in a Home Depot or a poster for a safe-sex ad (I think it’s the first) but it sure does rock! I wonder if this really said this or some employees had a little fun one night before closing and took the pic. Either way, it put a smile on my face and a ‘share’ on my Facebook! I hope you do the same! Just tell them you got it from this awesome blog,!

And one more thing, since it’s hump day…



Screw you! (In a good way!)

It’s my birthday and i’ll lez if I want to!

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Awww yeah! In the vein of shameless self indulgence – it’s my birthday today! Ill be spending it blogging, rehearsing for a show I am in and having a lovely dinner at the end of the day with my beautiful girl!


I share a birthday with Ashley Judd and Kate Hudson – pretty cool! I’m also the last day of Aries and the first day of Taurus! No wonder i’m so crazy!!!


Oh – and someone feel free to send me a delivery of Rainbow cupcakes! Mmmm’kay?


Have  great day wePRIDEer’s!

…while the white assailants walk.

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Today I bring you the sad and conflicting story of Cece McDonald – a transgender woman who was arrested last year….


McDonald, who is (black) in transition from a man to a woman, was charged last year with second-degree intentional murder in the death of Dean Schmitz, 47 (who is white). McDonald, 23, was walking with a group of friends past the Schooner Tavern about 12:30 a.m. June 5 when words were exchanged between the group and Schmitz and other bar patrons who were outside smoking. A fight ensued, and a woman allegedly threw a glass and cut McDonald’s face. Schmitz died at the scene from a stab wound to the chest. In a videotaped interview with police after the fight, McDonald allegedly admitted that she took out a pair of scissors to scare Schmitz, and that Schmitz ran into them during the fight.

McDonald has said the stabbing was accidental and that she was acting in self-defense after the melee was prompted by the victim’s gay-bashing and racist remarks.


In June of last year, Cece was trying to leave the scene and when the attackers chased her – she pulled out a scissor and Dean Schmitz ended up getting stabbed in the chest. Since then, a may-lay of public and legal transphobia has been running rampant throughout Minnesota – and she has recently been sentenced – causing even more of a fire storm. Why? Because she was convicted. Keep reading…


McDonald was arrested, and according to TransGriot, was “denied medical treatment for her injuries, was interrogated for hours, placed in solitary confinement on top of that and forced to sign a confession that she later recanted.” Molly Flaherty wasn’t arrested until May 11. Flaherty is charged with “second degree assault with a deadly weapon and third degree assault causing substantial bodily harm;” McDonald was charged with first-degree manslaughter. (Autostraddle)


Now Cece is being held in prison as a male – something she is not. It’s not right. There are so many things wrong and saddening about this situation – how we fail Americans of color, who are gay, transgender or ‘other’. There are people speaking out about Cece’s plight – including Leslie Feinberg – a famous transgender activists who was arrested earlier this month for spray painting “Free Cece” on the prison where she is being held. (That photo up top is Cece and Leslie.)

McDonald was sentenced June 4 in Hennepin County District Court after agreeing to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter in the death of Dean Schmitz, 47. Since then McDonald has been housed as a man at the St. Cloud prison. You can go to to support the movemebt, and you can sign the petition here asking the state to drop the charges - it has already been signed by over 18,000 people.


Sad world we live in sometimes y’all. That’s about all I want to say here.

Hate-group masked in ugly kids clothing…

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Well, today while the world was at work, The Boy Scouts of ‘America’ put out an official statement addressing all those nasty (and true) homophobia accusations and issues. The ‘scouts have always had a discriminatory policy towards gays and lesbians that still comes into play today. Hoisting this issue further into the media is the case of Jennifer Tyrell, a lesbian mom and former scout leader who was fired from her position when higher-ups found out she was – GASP! – a lesbian.

So not only can gay kids not join the scouts, but gay people cant be leaders. Wow, way to teach hate.

The a$$-holes in charge of the Boy Scouts, regarding the firing of Tyrell and their discriminnitory policy…”came to the conclusion that this policy is absolutely the best policy for the Boy Scouts,” the organization’s national spokesman, Deron Smith, told the Associated Press.

WHAT? And how could you put it like that? It seems that the scouts claim to have had a special and equally representative committee overview their policy dating back to 2010. And that is the best you come up with? According to USA Today, ‘The president of the largest U.S. gay-rights group, Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign, depicted the Scouts’ decision as “a missed opportunity of colossal proportions…With the country moving toward inclusion, the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have instead sent a message to young people that only some of them are valued,” he said. “They’ve chosen to teach division and intolerance.”‘



Well said. So screw you Boy Scouts. I’d like my son to grow up to be a man one day, not an ignorant coward.



It’s the thought that counts, I guess

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…..And while homophobia is only found in one species, sadly, bad spelling is as well.


E for effort though!

Clay Aiken, Flame Eaters & Debbie Gibson’s Goodies – Oh My!

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So last night, while most good gays were having Oscar parties, eating cocktail wieners & sipping skinny-girl Martini’s I was busy steadfastly taking notes on last nights Gay Spectacular, The Apprentice. Or, as I like to call it….”Debbie Gibson Stars in The Celebrity Apprentice”. Why do I call it that, you ask? Well simply put – it’s not just because we got a blurred glimpse of Debbie’s goodies last night on the show, but also because Debbie Gibson is my idol since childhood. She is the perfect woman and and one of the worlds finest talents. Don’t try to argue, there’s no point. I love YOU Debbie!



Ok, back to the Gay-ness…


This week, the contestants had to put together a show for Medieval Times – the worlds gayest knight show. Oops, I mean the world’s greatest knight show. Anyhow, just like this season’s Survivor the women and men are split into seperate teams. Dont get all “girl power” just yet – neither show is revelling in the sisterhood. (Get it together, Ladies!)…Lisa Lampinelli, the Queen of Mean and a huge gay rights advocate was butting heads (or hair extentions, rather) with Victoria Gotti all night. Eventually, Victoria got fired, but not before Clay Aiken said that Victoria is prettire that Aubrey O’Day! Ooooooh, girl, those are fighting words!


On the women’s team, they spoofed The Real Housewives of New Jersey, since Theresa Giudice is on the show. I met her last year at Luxe in Levittown – she was making an appearance, although I doubt she remembers as she looked both blitzed out of her mind and blinded by the tacky scores of “Prostitution Whore” home-made sparkle t-shirts many of the boys were wearing. In true Jersey style, she flipped the table but not before the gorgeous Miss Universe came out half-nude on a horse, Debbie Gibson showed her goodies fighting Tia Carrere and Aubrey O’Day killed a sick Snooki imitation.



Don’t worry boys – it was just as flaming on the men’s team! Penn Jillette was in charge, and organized a spec-TACKY-ular of the utmost gay proportions narrated by our favorite Star Trek Gay, George Takei! As most good Queens would do, George insisted on staying in character (and costume) all day!  Then, Clay Aiken opened the show by singing some weird yet beautiful concoction of riffs and trills…he may as well have spat out  rainbows & glitter. And to “top” things off – the queer friendly fun continues when Penn becomes the worlds biggest flamer by swallowing. (No comment.)



Then, as if it couldn’t get homo enough, Long Island’s own Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister comes out riding “side saddle” on a horse dressed as Lady Dee Dee.  Maybe Victoria can take some weave tips from the good Lady.



I can’t wait until next week! After this weeks challenge, I’m expecting a Pride-off or a contest to stage the next great Judy Garland musical! Stay tuned!