Another one of those “when you put it that way” moments

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This speaks for itself huh?   Pretty sure I’d feel a little more safe in a room with a gay guy/girl than a guy/girl that has sex with an animal.

America is silly sometimes.


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Someone condemn this chicken already & make it go away!

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I’m over this Chick-Fil-A thing. was one of the first people to bring you the story of this restaurant fowl when their awful and discriminatory practices were being exposed. We told you how The Muppets dumped them, and how Chick-Fil-A lied about the removal of their products and created fake Facebook accounts to support their hate. Ouch! Then a top CEO over there had a heart attack! I can imagine why!



The mayor of Boston said he’d never let them in his city and then the idiot known as Mike Huckabee declared August 1st ‘eat at -chick-fil-a’ day or as I like to call it ‘come show how hateful and ignorant us ‘Christians’ really are’ day. Hence the top pic, which I love. To combat this, many gays showed up at Chick-Fil-A on the 1st to protest the hate. My friend was at the Chick-Fil-A in Hollywood holding up a sign that read ‘Who do you think designed your wedding dress?’ and was pictured in the Park Labrea News Beverley Press!



There’s James in the plaid! So cute!


Now another weird chain of events has unfolded in the controversy. Anthony Piccola , a Chick-Fil-A franchisee in Nashua, NH has decided to cluck the system (ha!) and try to be welcoming to the LGBT community. So much so that when he met Ryan Manseau putting Pride Parade flyers amongst Chick-Fil-A literature (including their lit on the bible, etc.) he offered him a meal and a conversation. One that turned into Anthony’s want to donate money to the Pride parade in NH and another for him to set up a table handing out free food.





Aye. Well, I really appreciate the gesture, but I don’t know how I feel about this. Even if Piccola owns the Chick-Fil-A and decided to be welcoming to our community, the money he is making from his food-court-chicken is still going to fund the removal of our rights. And I kind of almost feel that him tabling at Pride is a bad idea. I know many people who may be apt to react badly before knowing Anthony Piccola’s intentions ( and many who will despite them, based on what I’m trying to break down and process.)


(Hayley don’t eat that! Dylan works for Wendy’s now!)


All I have to say is good luck to you man. I really hope all of these chicken places burn down overnight magically. I’m sick of hate and food being combined. What do you all think about this interesting turn?

Is it so bad to want ROYGBIV in your hair?

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I have a confession to make. I want that hair. I want to pretend that is me. I have always wanted rainbow hair. Seriously. I won’t ever do it, but, I mean, this chicks hair is my lenghth and i’ve got a lot of tattoos also! It is so COOL! I’m sure it took forever to do that, and I honestly cant imagine how she is ever going to wash her hair without the dye running and ruining all the individual colors. But, it’s nice to dream!


This got me thinking about my past attempts to dye my hair…in high-school I was blessed with a super cool mom who let me dye my hair funky colors. It was green, purple, pink and blue. Sometimes it was streaks, sometimes the whole head – like the time I was 19 and I chopped all my hair off, bleached it to white and dyed it….bright blue. I don’t know why – don’t ask me. And to add insult to injury, I took my drivers license pic like that. So, for almost 10 years when I would go out, bouncers would look twice (three times really) at my stupid license and the stupid hair I have in that pic. “Yes, its me. Yes, its real” is usually my response. When I was on American Idol, the producers actually thought my license picture was funny upon seeing it for a release form. Thank the lord that hair only stuck around for about two months! Smurfette much?


I think my fascination with dying my hair rainbow is all Leisha Haileys fault. When I was 16, I discovered the album The Murmurs. I bought it in K-mart in Bohemia with my mom. And why did I buy it you ask? Well, I bought it because there were two chicks on the cover with rainbow and pink hair. I wanted in. (So, I guess you could say I bought it because I was gay.)



Woah! Youve come a long way Alice! I mean…Leisha!


So that began the fascination that continues now. Check it -






Don’t you just love it?! Makes you wish you were a rock star for a living, no?


I realize that this post is totally sexist and only features feminine hair styles…so don’t worry boys and bois – I’m currently on the hunt for dude-like rainbow hair models! That post is on it’s way!


It’s funny, it’s ugly and everything you expected!

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Love her or hate her (I personally love her, follow her on Twitter and have NO shame about it) Snooki is here to stay. (For another year or so at least.) The most recognizeable bump-it queen of Jersey Shore is chilling out these days and having a baby with her boy Gianni, but she is still kickin’!


Prior to her knock-up, Snooki and the Jersey Shore cast had an awful lot to say about lesbians. It’s not really bad, and its not homophobic…it’s just….dumb. But pretty funny when laughed at simultaneouly in a blog post! So go on, indulge and enjoy some of what I like to call…

“Snooki’s Sublime Statements on Snatch…”


LEZ go!


First, some of Snooki’s hypothesis on the increasing lesbian presence in this country…

Ohhhhh! That’s why I couldn’t book a room for at P-town this summer!

So you know, put even more simply (so Snooki can understand her own thoughts…)

Wait – who are the douchebags here? You’re wearing an Ed Hardy-esque knockoff hat. (Which may be worse than wearing an actual Ed Hardy hat!)


Ooh really? Then lets ask a real lesbian her thoughts on your conversion, Snooks.



Scissor Sister Snooki! Makes perfect sense!


Well, gotta go – Cabs are here! Until next time – protect yourself from douchebag guys, the ever increasing lesbian population and snooki’s mouth!


Courtesy of the awesome Arielle Scarcella and Project Toasty!

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Rarely do I force other blogs upon you but one you must check out is Arielle Scarcella’s Project Toasty Video Blog, particularly her video entitled “A Lesbians Guide to Looking Gayer”! I think this is an important and hysterical topic – but i’ll let Arielle explain why.


Arielle is like the real and actually funny Alice Piezecki from The L Word – except shes funny. And cute. And REAL. (Whoops, I hope Ilene Chaiken doesn’t send the lesbian mafia after me for saying that!)


Uh-Huh What??


Arielle is a pretty funny chick. She’s sassy and super cute, so it doesn’t hurt the eyes to watch her videos! (Don’t tell my girlfriend I said that!) Anywho, Arielle publishes comedic videos regularly that both inspire and entertain! Some of my personal fav’s are entitled “UNDERGROUND Lesbian Code” which has a ton of hits, as well as her contribution to the “Shit people Say”  viral obsession fueling Facebook a few months ago with her masterpiece “Shit Girls Say To Lesbians”.


So here, in all her gay great glory, I present Arielle’s  ”A Lesbians Guide to Looking Gayer”


And here, in all her great gay glory, are some really cute pics of Arielle from her equally as funny and sassy Facebook! 




“Sexy…and you know it!”


And to top it all off…




She’s funny and cute! I think she kind of knows she is a little bit of both, but who cares! Either way check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!


Style tips for all the boi’s and grrrrls!

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“Hey girl, hey!”


I know what youre thinking – I want to go to all those cool events is talking about, but I dont know what to do with my hair! Well, head on over to our sister site for all the latest tips, tricks and trends in all thats cool in hair and make-up! The blog is written by Jill, a good friend and total S.A. (Super Ally) to the LGBTQ community. She even gave us a shout-out on her blog since wePRIDEny is the “newbie” on the block in the family!


I am proud to join the family and even more excited to get daily tips and style ideas from Jill! She is also a sickening hair stylist and makeup artist, so contact her here  if you need to fix yo’ weave, style your wig or have your faux-hawk shaped up!