Pretty princesses take their turn as Queens!

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I stumbled across this on Facebook and had to share it with you! Especially since I have a habit of posting about Disney Princesses dressed up as other things, in other ways, etc. Check out some amazing princess photos here.

I cant quite pick a favorite yet. Jazmine clearly has sass, Cindy’s an airhead, Alice looks a little too sure of herself for someone whose been trippin’ and Tink is totally adorable! Who is your favorite Disney Princess Drag Queen?

Woman from England chosen as having worlds most perfect face!

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Florence Colgate, a beautiful 18 year old chip-shop waitress and student from England has been blessed with the title of wolds most perfect face.


Why you ask? Well, it seems that Colgate’s face matches an international blueprint for the optimum ratio between eyes, mouth, forehead and chin, endowing her with flawless proportions. Her ratio’s are “perfect”.


In theory, that needn’t necessarily cause her to appear anything more than symmetrical but she still beat out over 8,000 other women for the title.



According to the contest,

*Her face is almost perfectly symmetrical, which is a sign of beauty.


*The space between her pupils is just under half of the width of her face, which is supposed to be the perfect scientific ratio for attractiveness.


*The distance between her eyes and mouth is about a third of the measurement from her hairline to her chin, which again is supposedly the ideal ratio for a beautiful face.


Hmm…well, she is pretty, but I can still think of one other woman all us lesbians like better…


Where in the world is Carmen De La Pica Morales?



Up and coming indie-pop-rock band, The Free Candy Band!

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Every Monday is going to bring you info on up and coming LGBTQ musicians that are breaking into the scene! This is important because it is important that we as LGBTQ folk and allys support the community and our members who are tyring to make a more visible, understanding and equal entertainment industry. This is especially important in a time where the only lesbian singers most people can name are Melissa Etheridge and The Indigo Girls. We have to support our own, y’all!


So this week I bring you an awesome indie-pop-rock band from Long Island – The Free Candy Band! This awesome group has been working together for years and are now gaining momentum in the industry! The Free Candy Band is fronted by lead singer Erinn Furey, an out lesbian and active LGBTQ youth advocate. Her partner Jacqueline, a professional actress plays synthesizer in the band and sings as well. As for the other FCB constituents…well, the boys are hot, the girls are hot…I guess you’ll have to come see the show to find out their sexuality and get a piece!



The Free Candy Band will be opening up for Frenchie Davie and La Bouche at this years Pride Parade this Saturday, June 9th! The parade starts at 1, and The Free Candy Band goes on at 4! Come support and get some free candy!  The band recently put out their first e.p. “The Pirate Sessions” which they’ll be giving away, and are even ranked #32 in a contest to play this years NY leg of The Warped Tour!  Vote for them now by clicking the link below!

The Free Candy Band are New York’s up and coming indie-rock band, boasting a mouthful of talented musicians from all over the state including lead vocalist Erinn Furey – an American Idol finalist and Levi’s Spokes Model. TFCB also serves up a professional actress, a prima ballerina, a NYC Fringe Festival nominee and a certified pirate. The Free Candy Band constituents met while working on professional musical theatre productions, born out of midnight ciphers and a love for the stage.


TFCB offers funked up covers and jazzy piano-rock originals – complete with tight harmonies, pin-up style garb and songs that will have you begging for seconds. Inspired by the likes of Prince, Nikka Costa, Ben Folds, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and more, The Free Candy Band is sure to cure your musical cravings! And yes…they DO hand out free candy!


The Candy Girls!


You can check out their songs on ReverbNation, “like” them on Facebook and check out their website! Don’t forget to peep them at Pride this Saturday at 4, or at the LI Pride after-party at Lulu’s Pub in Port Jefferson starting at 11pm!


The Free Candy Band is also currently competing for a slot on the NY leg of The Vans Warped Tour – a huge and long standing music festival featuring alternative, indie and rock artists! Help them rep NY and the LGBTQ community by clicking here – Vote The Free Candy Band to play The Warped Tour -  and voting for them today! Pretty please, with candy on top? Don’t you want more lesbians rocking out publicly for the community? I know I do – so I am voting today!


Chevy Volt makes first appearance in Detroit for Pride!

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Chevy has released this LGBTQ friend ad for it’s new Volt last weekend, right before Detroit Pride! The ad features a new electric car ‘coming out’ to its older gas guzzling parents. Since research shows that LGBTQ consumers happen to be more eco-friendly in their lives and purchases, this was a smart and cute way for Chevy to show support and market the car!


At the bottom of the ad is this cute little quip…


“Volt runs on an electric battery and a gas generator. So, whatever revs your engine, we support you 100 percent. Happy Motor City Pride from the entire Chevrolet family.”

Pretty awesome, Chevy! We salute you! I love pride season!

NYC to open a full-service LGBT senior center next year!

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Go New York, Go New York!


A big announcemnt was made today that next January, New York City is going to open it’s first LGBT Senior Center in Chelsea! The center will be a full-service center, open all day and evening and will offer health and wellness programs, socialization and more! This is important becuase many LGBT seniors feel isolated and alone, seperate from their heterosexual elderly peers. People who are LGBT seniors now grew up in a very different time – their sexuality was shamed, they had no rights and many never even came out of the closet to their famiiles.


The Department of Aging will sponsor this endeavor as they realize that many LGBT seniors have faced discrimination when looking for healthcare or help. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says it’s time to change the “one-size-fits-all” approach that has traditionally shaped senior centers. This is great, and I will keep you posted on this as more news comes in! Maybe i’ll even go to the grand opening and report back!


Logo’s NewNowNext Awards bores me to tears.

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Do you recognize these people in the pic above??


Me neither. Oh wait – I see the lesbian chick from Glee and Andy Cohen.


On Monday night, Logo aired their NewNowNext awards show, an awards show honoring…well i guess what is supposed to be “next” and hot. I tuned in, because I’m planning on being a performer at the awards in a few years (if it is around) with my band, The Free Candy Band.


However, I cant lie – I clicked back and forth, because honestly, the show was kind of dinky and boring. Kelly Osboune hosted (WHY????) and was as dry as Joan Rivers crotch! (Haha, I think Joan would like that joke, seeing as how the host E!’s Fashion Police together.) Kelly read cue cards with the ease of a second grader and couldn’t seem to land the timing on her supposed jokes. Plus – I still think she looks horrible. I could care less about her weight – I’m all for bucking the system. For me its that dry purple gray hair, ill placed tattoos and bad fashion choices.  And they had the gall to give her the fashion award that night! Don’t get me wrong – I bet you Kelly is a really  nice person, and Id probably have tons of fun with her, but this was way off her track.




The show began with a not-funny Wizard of Oz spoof with Kelly as Dorothy, Jiggly Caliente as the Lion, Milan as the Tin Wo-man and the sickening Sharon Needles as the Scare Crow. Kelly sang and it was…..well….bad. It was awkwardly uncomfortable to watch, but at least they looked fierce!




Some kid from the Hunger Games won the first award – sorry, couldn’t tell you who he is. Other winners included Music Artist on the Brink of Fame – Neon Hitch. Now, I could go on about this girl but Ill spare you. All ill tell you is that I saw her lady gaga wanna be video called “I can F*&# you betta” posted on a lesbian Facebook page I administrate and was horrified. As a hard working, grinding musician it annoys me when people throw on skanky clothes, grab a dance song and imitate away. Oh, she also sang the hook on some Gym Class Heroes song. Whatev’s. Shes hot, I guess, but really? She got to play at THE DINAH people! Is she lesbian??? All I’m saying is that better be me next year.



Hiiiiiii! Who are YOU??? Aubrey O’Day? Is that you?



A female rapper that I dig also performed – Rye Rye. This girl has been on her grind for a few years and came up the ranks paying dues. Go girl. (I’ll tell you more about Rye Rye in the coming weeks!)




I have to be honest, I didn’t bother to watch much else. I was bored and annoyed and my girlfriend was being tortured by my watching it. Nadia G won best new star over Willam which was weird. She is hard for me to watch on that show “Bitchin’ Kitchen”. I don’t know why – she just annoys me. I’m sure the winners are chosen based on what MTV needs to push more in the media, so oh well for you Willam. Their TV show to watch was GCB, which is probably also owned by the same media collaborative. Either way, it was kind of womp.
Dont get me wrong – mark my words – you will see me there soon.


Way to go Logo for crafting a really gay awards show that isn’t really Gay at all.


Wahhhhhhh! I’m not at the lesbian mecca superfest! But the new Real L Word cast is…!

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OK, so for those of you who are WAYYY out of the loop- this weekend is “The Dinah” , or Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, CA. The Dinah is the largest girl-girl music super party in the world with thousands of gay women making the yearly pilgrimage! It’s our Mecca! My girl and I are planning on going next year with some friends – hopefully by then ill be singing at Dinah!


This weekend at the big launch party they will also be announcing the new cast (or recycled cast) of The Real L Word, season 3. (For which I was not cast. ahem.)



Supposedly fav’s from Season 1 & 2 will be back with some Brooklyn based women thrown into the mix as well. I’m putting my money where their clams are – Whitney, Romi, Rose, Kori & Casey will  be back, or so I think. I really hope we get some more of Alyssa, Whitney’s awesome and sane minded roommate. Just please – please get rid of Sara — uh— Sada —- uh —-the skanky one. There.


Here is a diagram to hel you understand The Dinah a little bit better….



As you can see, Rose Garcia ( @shotcalla on Twitter) always wins. Even though she can be a beeatch, she’s my home-girl. I hope she is pimpin’ it this weekend at The Dinah – wait, I know she is. Cant wait to hear all about it! #PutaProblems #TeamRose !