Ewwww….Unicorn Poop is weird, but pretty.

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Oh my! While trolling the facebook pages of several comical pages, I came across people sharing this picture! Unicorn poop! I dont know what that is – it looks like a hot steaming pile of chemical goodness! Maybe its what happens when one eats that rainbow Pegasus unicorn cake I wrote about the other day (more on that later). Maybe it actually is that cake’s own poop. Either way you slice it – pretty funny. That picture then led to this one….entitled….



Yeah. That’s right. Troubling.


I’m probably going to have to stay off Facebook for a while after finding this.


I’m not sure if that wall is actually rainbow and real or not, but I would really like to know. Anyone? Readers can you help me?

ROYGBIV comes to visit me in bed!

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Beautiful!! I have been home sick this week – more on that later or tomorrow- however yesterday when I was lying in bed wishing I felt better – a Rainbow appeared on my ceiling! My girlfriend took a picture of it! I was so excited I actually got up to touch it!  You could see every color beautifully – it was a sign from God if you ask me! He was saying – get better, stay gay and keep on truckin’. Or something like that. Either way, it absolutely made me feel better!


If you are out there and you see a beautiful rainbow appear naturally somewhere – snap a pic and we can start a reader rainbow gallery!


Have a wonderful day y’all!


GayCities 4th Annual Photo Challenge

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WELCOME BACK!!!!!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!  Mine was absolutely amazing, if you follow me on Twitter, you already know how much I loved every second of the past few days of my life.  I will certainly be reporting on that, but there are a ton of things going on this morning, So I figured I would send out a few articles to hold me over until I really have time to sit down and cover the weekends festivities.


Over on Gaycities, they are holding their 4th annual Pride Photo Challenge-  giving you the opportunity to win a trip for two courtesy of JetBlue and Kimpton Hotels.      My site has absolutely no relation to GayCities, nor are we a part of the contest-  but I figured everyone loves(and deserves) a free trip, and most of my readers were likely partying this weekend at Pride, so why not spread the word and help someone win a little mini vacation?



All you have to do is submit your best Pride photos by July 2, then wait and hope for the best as they will be picking the winning picture shortly after. The photo above is from the gallery of this years submissions-  they have a ton of cool pictures over there, it’s so worth sending your picture in- you never know what could come out of it!

The girls make a comeback while the gay Colton offends.

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Now I have to admit, I am a Survivor fan, but I only started watching last year after much pleading from my girlfriend, who has watched every season since it began. At first, I was into the show, but this season has split the men and women into two teams (just like on Debbie Gibson stars in The Celebrity Apprentice)! The feminism is flying, the mean girl ism’s are rampant and the women have to struggle to get it together! At least they have wised up on Colton and are no longer cool with letting him try to infiltrate their camp and trust him just because he is gay.



Well, last night the women started to make a comback…thats when the whole show “jumped the shark” and the Manono (men’s) team flipped the script like woah! The women lost the immunity challenge, and started to fall apart like catty bee-atches again. However, we were spared a embarrassing women’s tribal council when the men decided to make the dumbest decision ever in survivor history!


Not only did they listen to Colton – the gay, republican JERK on the show – but so did them men. In an insane crazy move, Colton and the men’s tribe actually gave up their immunity to the women becuase Colton decided that they needed to go to tribal council and get rid of Bill or Leif.




At tribal concil, Colton continued his barrage of baby behavior and bullying. (Woah – what a great alliteration on my part! lol!) He wanted Bill gone, so he began to target him by making in a race issue. Colton then went on to make me physically nauseous by insulting Bill’s career, degrading poor people and judging up a storm.  I think this recap from starpulse.com sums it up well…


“Colton tells Jeff that the people he chooses to be around are, yes, country club types, but they are more honest and open to new ideas. Bill’s just always talking about being poor. The people that have a problem with him being gay drive around in jacked up trucks, with a Confederate flag in the back, and go home to their trailer parks at the end of the day. As the tribe and the world looks on, Colton exposes himself as a redneck, racist, idiot.”


Yeah, we know.


So in what may have been one of the most shocking tribal councils in Survivor history, coupled with one of the dumbest decisions ever made on the show, Colton survived and made it through tribal council, without the use of the immunity idol that he is still holding on to. I was really hoping that the men would get it together and vote him off after his disgusting display during tribal council, but to no avail. Sigh. He is a bad, mean gay who has been stereotyping gays and their ability since episode one. Here’s to hoping his torch is eliminated soon.

Hometown and LGBTQ Pride all up on my laptop!

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Last week we reported that the Long Island GLBT Service Network would be chartering the nation’s first ever Gay PTA for students on Long Island! As a former GSA advisor – I am so excited that school’s will have this support!


So imagine my excitement when i saw that my favorite blog, Autostraddle.com, covered the story!



Shout out to Rachel and the awesome site! Hopefully I can be a guest blogger for them one day too!


My moment with…or as, rather, Beth & Paige.

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Few people in this world know about my strange and passionate crush for two very special Long Island women – Beth & Paige. And by few people, I really mean my girlfriend and the random person I blurted it out to while waiting at the bank. So when I was working at the awesome John W. Engeman theatre in Northport I was more than excited to see their cardboard cutout of my ladies! I was able to pose with my girlfriend as my two lifelong…uh, well, year long (that’s when I started banking there) obsession with my banking beauties.


I love you ladies too! Oh wait… that’s the “Bethpage” B. Now this is not an endorsement of Bethpage Federal Credit Union but more so a tribute to these two awesome gals. Now my mission is to find out more about them and locate their actual personas. (or their fake ones too.) Do they have a Facebook? Are they real? Stock photos? wePRIDEny.com will find out! Any tips are greatly appreciated! Heheh.

Go on, get yo’ Tweet on!

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Hey y’all! Today i’m talkig to you about two awesome Twitter accounts you should follow (other than @wePRIDEny , of course!) I check both of these accounts daily – one is about LGBTQ jobs and the other is about an LGBTQ non-for profit thrift store!


The first is @LGBTjobs. This awesome account tweets job openings and posting from around the country at LGBTQ friendly/based organizations. Today they are tweeting it up about jobs opening up at LIGALY and The GLBT Service Network – the same folks who brought you LI Pride Parade 2012!




The second cool ‘gay’ Twitter account you should follow is @OutoftheCloset , an online thrift store in which 96¢ of every $1 goes to patient care via non-profit AIDS Healthcare Foundation. They’re clothes are steeped in fabulosity, and it’s all for a good cause. Out of the Closet is really cool – they have a neat and fun website and ‘Out of the Closet’ store locations all over the country! Check both out today!


And remember…




Shop, Tweet, WORK and be GAY!