Rainbow glitter shoes are amazing!

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Martha Stewart watch out!


Look what I found in the rainbow recesses of the internet! Rainbow glitter shoes. It actually looks like it is pretty simple to make them, you just have to be patient and probably do one layer at a time before another one dries. I’d also think you have to shellac the shoes pretty well so that you don’t leave a Hansel & Gretel type trail in your path! Unless that is, you want that! I’d also think you should probably use a nice brand of glitter as well, such as the Martha brand. (I’m pretty sure you can get it at Michael’s and K-Mart.)



I’ll make my pair soon and let you know how it comes out! I’m actually thinking about having a homo-arts and crafts night with my friends soon! That will make for some interesting pics….!


Popular Home Goods painting goes gay!

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This is great! Many people have seen the “Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake” sign that has become very popular. I even bought a purple one for my sister, who is a cupcake loving princess! (I mean that in a nice way!) There is also the “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign that is popular – I think I saw it in the room Tori stayed in when she lived with Whitney on The Real L Word.


I was super excited to see that someone took the graphic and gave it a lesbian spin!


Do you think they will sell this in Home Goods? Hahaha!


Carry on!

Love is love is love.

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The Human Rights Campaign’s new, interactive photo project celebrates the relationships of pro-equality LGBT and ally couples and friends. You can click on tons of pictures of LGBTQA couples, read their stories and even submit your own to be posted on the site! The pictures are amazing, inspiring and totally GAY! Check it out, and send yours in today. And, be on the look out for the picture and story of my beautiful girlfriend and I, coming soon to www.hrc.org/shareyourlove. (P.S. that is NOT my girlfriend and I in the picture…one day! Go New York!)

If you have $100 million that is!

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Sarah Silverman wants to scissor. Not just with anyone though…and technically not with a lesbian either.

Sarah is on the hunt for Sheldon Adelson, one of the countries wealthiest men and a republican who has already pledged $100 million to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and swore to pump as much money as he needs to in order to beat out Obama. (Can we say ‘nutso’?)

Sarah caught wind of the situation and couldn’t believe it. So, she came up with a new, even better proposal for Sneaky Sheldon…


Sarah has even set up an amazing website www.ScissorSheldon.com – where you can get awesome updates on the unethical-ness that is our countries electoral process…like

1) He’s totally open about buying elections. He said he’s “against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections. But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it.”


2) He’s willing to do “whatever it takes” to defeat Obama including “limitless” donations to Romney’s campaign.

Help Sarah scissor Sheldon today and fight the good fight, America!

Another one of those “when you put it that way” moments

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This speaks for itself huh?   Pretty sure I’d feel a little more safe in a room with a gay guy/girl than a guy/girl that has sex with an animal.

America is silly sometimes.


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Thanks y’all! See you in social networking space!

Someone condemn this chicken already & make it go away!

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I’m over this Chick-Fil-A thing. wePRIDEny.com was one of the first people to bring you the story of this restaurant fowl when their awful and discriminatory practices were being exposed. We told you how The Muppets dumped them, and how Chick-Fil-A lied about the removal of their products and created fake Facebook accounts to support their hate. Ouch! Then a top CEO over there had a heart attack! I can imagine why!



The mayor of Boston said he’d never let them in his city and then the idiot known as Mike Huckabee declared August 1st ‘eat at -chick-fil-a’ day or as I like to call it ‘come show how hateful and ignorant us ‘Christians’ really are’ day. Hence the top pic, which I love. To combat this, many gays showed up at Chick-Fil-A on the 1st to protest the hate. My friend was at the Chick-Fil-A in Hollywood holding up a sign that read ‘Who do you think designed your wedding dress?’ and was pictured in the Park Labrea News Beverley Press!



There’s James in the plaid! So cute!


Now another weird chain of events has unfolded in the controversy. Anthony Piccola , a Chick-Fil-A franchisee in Nashua, NH has decided to cluck the system (ha!) and try to be welcoming to the LGBT community. So much so that when he met Ryan Manseau putting Pride Parade flyers amongst Chick-Fil-A literature (including their lit on the bible, etc.) he offered him a meal and a conversation. One that turned into Anthony’s want to donate money to the Pride parade in NH and another for him to set up a table handing out free food.





Aye. Well, I really appreciate the gesture, but I don’t know how I feel about this. Even if Piccola owns the Chick-Fil-A and decided to be welcoming to our community, the money he is making from his food-court-chicken is still going to fund the removal of our rights. And I kind of almost feel that him tabling at Pride is a bad idea. I know many people who may be apt to react badly before knowing Anthony Piccola’s intentions ( and many who will despite them, based on what I’m trying to break down and process.)


(Hayley don’t eat that! Dylan works for Wendy’s now!)


All I have to say is good luck to you man. I really hope all of these chicken places burn down overnight magically. I’m sick of hate and food being combined. What do you all think about this interesting turn?