We want more girls with dragon tattoos!

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Ilene Chaiken, most famous for producing/directing/creating the lesbian super series The L Word (and The Real L Word) has been stopped dead in her tracks regarding a new show she was producing/creating for CBS called Quean, about a hot, dark computer hacker chick. Why, you ask? Well, it seems that monts ago lawyers behding the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo filed a suit claiming “Quean” bared way too much resembelence to their movie. After copious re-writes, CBS greenlit the project, but the “Dragon” lawyers still said no.


The show was officially axed on Monday. Oh well….The Real L Word season 3 should be coming our way soon, right? And WHY am I not on it??


and I don’t either!

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The other day I came across this funny picture and decided I would share it with you! I love it! Then, when I looked it up online, I discovered even more ‘Jane-don’t-know-Dick’ goodies! Look!





I love the T-shirts, but my personal favorite and the one I will probably order soon from cafepress.com is…



This is PERFECT for my morning coffee and afternoon tea!

Nothing better to do, OMM set their sights on the clothing industry

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Can I just tell you how happy I was to find this ‘HELP STOP OMM’ picture? haha  it made my day.    One Million Moms,  the same organization that started up all the hoopla trying to protest JCPenny for hiring Ellen, is making a big stink over the Urban Outfitters recent 2012 Catalog release.   In the catalog, on page 2 is a picture of 2 women embracing in an intimate moment, showcasing the fashion designers recent threads.


  After weFASHIONny tipped us off on the story, I stumbled across their pretty awfully built website(that I refuse to link you guys to) and saw this Press Release urging people to send emails and phone calls to Urban Outfitters, expressing their outrage over the 2 women kissing on the 2nd page of their 2012 Catalog.   Heres a screenshot:

WAAAAH WAAAAH WAAAAH!  Newsflash One Million Moms-  the kids wearing those clothes have seen 2 women kiss before-  and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they’ve seen 2 women do ALOT more than kiss.  Based on Urban Outfitters NASDAQ Public Trading Profile,  their target market is women between the ages of 18-45.


Obviously,  some of the younger generation does wear Urban Outfitters clothing,  but if OMM thinks this is important enough to waste their time on, then best of luck to em I guess.   I’ll be over here if you need me, fighting for a real cause, like Equality.

UPDATE: P.S. – after seeing this post, a friend told me that he thinks this is rather funny because he read an article saying that the hipster overpriced clothing chains CEO dumps huge amounts of money towards anti-equality groups! More to come!!!!

Belinda’s son celebrates Mothers Day with an amazing article!

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When James Duke Mason, son of Belinda Carlisle from the famed 80′s band The Go-go’s wanted to come out – it wasn’t easy. Long before James came out, the tabloids started to suggest his sexuality at an early age. His mother was already a rock star and full fledged drug addict (now recovered).


James tells oft coming out to his mother in an op-ed piece he wrote this Mother’s Day for The Huffington Post. At only 20 years old, Mr. Mason eloquently writes of his mothers reaction and feeling during this time.


“…once she’d taken a few days to think about it and gotten used to the idea, she was completely and totally comfortable with it, and since then she’s been about as accepting and supportive a mother as I could possibly ask for.”





Check out the rest of this touching story here…


James, we salute you and your mother for supporting and inspiring millions of young LGBTQ people and their families. James says it best in the article…


“…to all the moms out there who are loving enough to support and stand by their children no matter what.”


We couldn’t have put it better!

Sadie Hawkins WHO?

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So today is a leap year, and what does that mean? Well, it means there is one extra day in February. And, for crazy white people it also means that it is “Sadie Hawkins Day”. A day to celebrate women being allowed to ask men out.




Once every 4 years, women are allowed to ask a man out on a date. I’m sorry – I’m still processing this. It’s been years since I have sat in an undergraduate Women’s Studies course and had a good debate about this. And while many people think that the concept is cute and a throw back to “Americana”, I find this to be bunk.


The concept of Sadie Hawkins Day comes from a man named Al Capp  - The creator of the comic strip (that was then turned into a musical) Lil’ Abner. Sadie Hawkins was a character in the comic – she was the homeliest chick around – scarier than Olive Oil, 35, single and living with her parents. When Sadie’s dad got tired of her “spinster” ways, he grabbed his shot gun and solicted all the single men in a foot race – winner gets his daugher.


So, as you can see – this myth of Sadie Hawkins Day being liberating to women is really a bunch of HIStorical garbage. It’s not liberating – and somehow the concept morphed into the “Sadie Hawkins Dance” – a dance where women are allowed to ask the men to go with them! It also turns out that Mr. Capp was a womanizer, anti-hippie, anti-gay, had a reputation for sleeping with the college girls he met on his signing tours, harassed Golide Hawn and more!


So I guess my only other question is  what’s a lesbian or gay man supposted to do on Sadie Hawkin’s Day? My girlfriend thinks that it means that us Lesbians should ask out our favorite Gay guy on a date. But then where does that leave Transgender people? What really is a lesbian to do today? Well, I think these ladies figured it out….



In typical lesbian style, “screw this crap – let’s golf!”

Dana Owens/Queen Latifah to perform at Long Beach Pride Parade!

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Holy lesbian breaking news!


It’s just been officially announced that Queen Latifah aka Dana Owens will be performing at Long Beach Pride on Saturday, May 19th in Long Beach, California! This will be the first time ever that The Queen will publicly endorse/perform at a pride event!


While she hasn’t publicly come out – many have suspected that the Queen is a lesbian for years. She  has played lesbian parts in movies, been caught in pics with strippers and hasn’t really left the side of her “best friend” Jeannette Jenkins for years.


Recently, lesbian and foul-mouthed rapper Syd the Kyd called out Dana and others on hiding their sexuality and it was…well..awkward, but what may of us believes to be true.





Well thank you Queen – this is huge for you, for Jeannette, for us and for the hip-hop community! Go girl! Hope to see you at NY or NJ Pride this summer – or maybe even while I’m hanging on Fire Island!

Out of the closet!

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Mika, the beautiful British singer and super-talent has officially come out as a gay man this weekend!



Mika walks a really cool androgynous line sometimes, and has previously mentioned that he is bisexual. It’s awesome to know that he finally feels comfortable enough to speak to the fact that his songs are about his relationships with men, and he told Instinct magazine:


“If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah. Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. And it’s only through my music that I’ve found the strength to come to terms with my sexuality beyond the context of just my lyrics. This is my real life.”


Yay! His album The Origin of Love is due out in September!

If it’s anything like ‘Grace Kelley’ I’m sure it will rock!