He is a she! I knew it!

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Well, do I know my gay stuff well because I just discovered that Carmen is indeed transitioning from male to female!


I knew it! Last week, my girlfriend showed me this amazing picture of Carmen Carrera, from RuPaul’s Drag Race in which Carmen’s body looked ultra feminine. I commented to my girlfriend that her body looked as if she was taking female hormones, because she had a phat behind and curvy arms and thighs.


Look at her body! I hate her!


Carmen was always one of my favorites – she is hot, sexy and super stylish! I’m so glad that she has been able to follow her path from fierce drag queen into a beautiful woman. I am so happy for her! But, I just have to say that when I saw those pictures I totally thought she looked like she was taking hormones!




Carmen officially came out as transgendered last week on an episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do” in a skit where she played a trans waitress who was at times treated badly by real life customers.

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Quotes Carrera:


“I am now in the long process of transitioning from male to female.” says Carrera, who famously appeared in a photo shoot for W magazine. “Transitioning is a life-changing decision. It’s empowering. I plan on finishing the long and risky hormone-replacement therapy process, while continuing my work in television and movies. I look forward to being a positive role model for the transgender community.”

Go girl!

She also had this to say…

Oh honey that’s old news!


Best of luck to you Carmen! I cant wait to follow your career as a spokesperson for the transgender community and as a beautiful woman! This is a huge thing for the community! Transgender  people are beautiful, normal and should be able to be themselves. It’s so important for young people to see.  This is such a beautiful thing. (P.S. I always had a crush on you!)


  • I love carmen even if he becomes a she permenately!

    December 05 2012