She dances, she’s funny, she bagged Portia and now shes celebrating the Prez!

Keywords: ellen degeneres, obama same-sex marriage


Thats right! America’s (and JC Penny’s) favorite lesbian Ellen Degeneres is making noise again for her classy yet present stance on gay rights and marriage equality. This time she is  backing our President in his support of same-sex marriage.



Listen to what Ellen has to say – and dont give up the fight! The reality is, that while PResienit Obama has publicily announced his support of same-sex marriage, he has actually said that gay Americans “should” be able to marry…that’s it…he has NOT commented on DOMA (The federal Defense of Marriage Act). In addition, he has said that he still feels that marriage should be a state-by-state issue.


C’ mon now- that’s not fair Mr. President - and you know it. But thank you Ellen for the continued support and your work as an advocate for what is right!