Famous rapper supports gay rights, as long as you don’t come on to him!

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Go Shorty, it’s your Birthday…


Rapper and Vitamin Water mogul 50 Cent has come out in support of marriage equality for gays, following suit with Jay-Z.


In words almost as poignant as his rhymes, the rapper recently said


“I think everyone should be happy. I think a fool is going to go against same sex marriage at this point. Look how long it took him [Obama] to say he was for same sex marriages. You understand? I’m up for it. If everyone else is for it, then hey, to each his own. I don’t have personal feelings towards it because I’m not involved in that lifestyle. I want people to be happy. It makes for everything to be better.”


Well, that’s nice!


Then, 50 jumped the shark and said some dumb sh*t about gay men hitting on him, suggesting that since gays will get more rights, we ought to have organizations for all the straight men who will now be street-harassed by gay men. 50 said it could happen in an elevator, but who knows..it could happen backstage after the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert too…take a look!



Get your hands off him Fifty – he’s taken!


50 went on to say the following ignorant remarks…


“We need organizations for straight men. We do. We need organizations for straight men in the case you’ve been on the elevator and somebody decides they want to grab your little buns. Times are changing. Those organizations are set up for at one point they were being attacked for those choices. Now its completely different. Obviously [homosexuality] is more socially accepted.”




I dont know about you, but I think that is kind of hypocritical of you ‘Fity, considering this…!





I don’t know about you but now that you’ve supported gay rights, I think it’s time you stop thinking out loud and go back to being a lyrically misogynistic, musically homophobic sugar-water daddy.