Big Bang actor Jim Parsons comes out while Adam Lambert comes full circle

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It’s like a snowball effect! Gays are bursting out all over!


Jim Parsons, actor of The Big Bang Theory has just publicly outed himself as gay! The 39 year old has been in a relationship with Todd Spiewak for ten years and rumor has it they were supposed to get engaged after Jim won an Emmy! The current Broadway star of Harvey, Parsons will openly speak about his sexuality for the first time in an interview for New York Times magazine, written by Patrick Healey.


In other gay and out entertainment news, Adam Lamberts album Trespassing has hit #1 on The Billboard Charts! This is huge because he is the first out male artist to have a #1 album! Go Adam!


I wonder if there is a lesbian artist to have hit #1 and been out….Melissa Etheridge, maybe?


Turns out that while other gay musicans have hit the top, none have done so before they came out!




George Michael?

I didn’t think so!


Congrats Adam! You are ground breaking! I hope that one day I can be the first out lesbian artist to hit #1! And since I’m a fellow American Idol alum – you’ve given me even more hope!



  • Hugo L. Member

    Oh Adam. What a tall glass of water e is…I want a sip. OMG what is he doingwith that little chubby Peniano Mn

    March 22 2013
    • Dan

      “Gays are bursting out all over!” They were always there and always will be there, they’re just being recognized as being gay instead of hiding.

      March 22 2013