She’s a big winner when it comes to being a fit, lesbian mother!

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Biggest Loser star and 38 year old fitness guru Jillian Michaels is a mommy! And a lesbian!


People magazine reports that Jillian, who is best known for shaping bodies up on her hit television show (well, who am I kidding, she’s also known for her rockin’ bod!) just successfully adopted a 2 year old from Haiti. In addition, her partner Heidi Rhoades, 31 just gave birth to a boy!


That’s Jill and Heidi at the Emmys in 2010!


I did not know this about Jillian! And I find it wonderful! Another one out for the team! You go girl! I can only hope my girlfriend and I will have a beautiful family just like that one day! Thank you for the inspiration!