Local girl suspended because of bullying vid she made for school

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You can tell she’s from Long Island – she’s wearing a name plate!



A beautiful, doe-eyed 15 year-old Ridge student was suspended last week after school officials didn’t like an anti-bullying video she had made – for a class assignment!


Jessica Barba attends high school in Middle Island, which is in Suffolk County, Long Island. (For you day-trippers and NYC folk, that’s about a hour west of The Hamptons or an hour North of the Fire Island Ferrys.)


The teen made a video about bullying in which a girl played by Jessica has lost her mother, was abused by her father, bullied at school and on Facebook and ultimately ended her life. Jessica made a disclaimer on the video and Facebook page for it as well, to let people know it is a re-enactment of what really goes on today.


Smart kid!


However, uptight school officials didn’t like that and suspended Jessica after a parent reported the video to the school. She was suspended, and told her video  “created a substantial disruption” and “violated school policy,” but cant seem to elaborate on why.


What a bunch of idiots. Now, this school gets National attention for an amazing girl and a bunch of moronic administrators. What were they thinking? She is a straight-A student! When they suspended her, they even refused to look at the disclaimers she had up.



Here is the video, which is amazing for a 15 year old. Watch it and you tell me…Why was this girl framed, punished and singled out?

Because of the controversy, Jessica’s case has been taken up with some big name legal firms and she has appeared on the TODAY show, CBS2 and other national shows with regards to what happened. She was interviewed by Matt Lauer! YOU GO GIRL!



wePRIDEny.com salutes you Jessica for standing up for what is right and being an amazing person! I hope you get to be on Ellen!