Theresa’s cousin and Kathy’s sister, Rosie Pierri!

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No, it’s not Melissa Gorga – I wish! Rosie Pierri, sister of Kathy Wakile has publicly come out as lesbian on this season of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’. Some people have suspected that Rosie may be a lesbian, so Rosie came out because she wanted her niece and nephew to find out from here and to send the message that you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. (Hear that, Queen Latifah?)


Rosie is known for being quite the comedienne, her bad babysitting skills and her charismatic ways! She is adorable…well, except for in this picture.



Check out a full, awesome interview with Rosie over at The Huffington Post (one of my favorite sites!) She talks about being on ‘Housewives’, coming out in her 20′s and being gay in a very Italian family. Good for you Rosie – you are an inspiration to us all!