Pack up your U-haul, ladies!

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In honor of Pride month, the dating website has put together a list of the ten best cities in the good ol’ U.S. of A. for single gays and lesbians! According to their site, put together a list of where the most traditional-minded (those who want to get married and raise children together) lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender singles live. The findings are based on over 10 million surveyed responses has amassed over the years from our personality test, and show that traditional family values still hold strong in the South, even with LGBT singles!


This is awesome, seeing as how gays and lesbians are not allowed on!

So I now present to you – the top ten cities for GLBT singles looking to settle down!


1.       Richmond, VA

2.       Baltimore, MD

3.       Los Angeles, CA

4.       Rochester, NY

5.       Hartford, CT

6.       Las Vegas, NV

7.       Pittsburgh, PA

8.       Seattle, WA

9.       San Francisco, CA

10.   Washington, DC


So…where ya goin’? Anyone from these areas have any thoughts?