‘Texts from Last Night’ gets gay!

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Me too, girl, me too!


It’s Wednesday – it’s been a long half-week so far, no one big has come out and we still have 2 work days left. So, to make you laugh and get you over the hump, I’ve assembled a collection of witty pics, inspired by one of my favorite kill-time-at-work websites, ‘Texts from Last Night’ (.com)! Enjoy the witty lesbian banter I have found from the site, all attached to some pretty funny fitting pics!


Oh, i’ve heard that one before!



Finally – Belle steps up from being a Domestic Violence toting tart!


If I had a nickel for how many times I said that in undergrad…!



Oooh…sounds like a personal problem!



Wait… you’re a singing baby lion and you’re calling that weird?



Hey chick – step off! Thats MY job!


Hope you at least got a giggle from all that! wePRIDEny.com, gladly helping gays and lesbians get over their hump!