Coffee Giant to promote U.S. jobs with coffee, cups and more stores!

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Great news for gays, coffee fanatics and Americans! Starbucks, the nation’s leading coffee-cafe giant is planning to create tons of new jobs in the U.S. and donate money to fund employment opportunities in the United States! Starbucks is already known for being a place where gay people can work and receive benefits with support and love. (Plus, when you work there you usually get some of the days leftovers from the cafe case!)


The coffee giant will sell a limited-edition mug, tumbler and bag of coffee – all made domestically – to raise money for its Create Jobs for USA fund. Starbucks has raised more than $11.5 million for the jobs fund so far, it said, an amount that can be leveraged to create up to $80 million in loans to community businesses and organizations. Citi, one of the country’s largest banks, pitched in with a $1 million donation! The loan recipients will create nearly 4,000 jobs while money from the coffee, mug and tumbler will benefit the fund. In addition to this – get your gay resumes ready because Starbucks itself will be opening 200 new stores in the U.S. in the next year and redesign 1,7000 other stores!



The ‘Indivisible’ coffee, tumbler and mug will be available beginning July 9th! Grab yours and support the economy today!