Adorable New York couple engaged during LGBT reception

Keywords: transgender man, proposes at white house, scout


Last week Scout, a New York man who is transgender, proposed to his girlfriend of several years, Liz Margolies while at a reception honoring LGBT leaders in the country at The White House. Liz, who is the executive director of the National LGBT Cancer Network had always opposed the institution, claiming it wouldn’t work. So when Scout, who is the director of Network for LGBT Health Equity at The Fenway Institute proposed, he was met with silence….watch what happened next! (Skip to 1:50 seconds in!)



How awesome! Although some people are commenting on the Youtube page that it may have been a little alarming to propose to your partner whom opposed marriage in front of all those people and media at the white house. Good point.


Either way, I wish Scout and Liz the best of luck in whatever it is they do!