I love you J!

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This morning’s post is a bit self-indulgent, but I am thinking you readers will forgive me and be happy because today is me and my girl’s 2 year anniversary! To celebrate, she got us a room for a few nights on Fire Island, and (since I am broke!) I entered us in a contest to win a free vacation to a LGBT hot spot, and if you click here and ‘like’ our pic, we could win!  (All courtesy of gaycities.com!)


Oh dear readers – there are thousands of you here daily – and I work so hard – would you please click the link and ‘like’ the pic so we can go away?




Jax – I love you baby – we have been through so much together and now the world really does know the love we have for each other. When we met, I felt my world begin to change and when we kissed two years ago on Fire Island, my life changed. You are my everything, my inspiration, my rock and the core of my heart and soul. You’re my peep in a pie, my dootsie and my future wife. I cant wait to take your name one day and live life with you.


Here’s to our one day and the life we are building together. Thank you for everything  - I’d give it all for you.


Happy Anniversary my darling, I love you. “And that’s for real.”