Massive outcry on Facebook once Oreo posts their latest Ad supporting gays

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Facebook published the above Ad on their Facebook wall on Monday. The controversial picture has gotten an astounding 223,221 likes, and 36,888 comments in the 48 hours it has been online.   The comment section has become the arena for those against Gays to spit their hatred and disapproval of Oreo manufacturer, Nabisco Brands.  Here are my pickings of some of the worst I saw:



I can only imagine the traffic the Oreo Facebook page is getting these past couple of days, I also wonder how this affects their business as well-  It is a ton of free press, but as to whether this whole fiasco is boosting or hurting sales I don’t know…  I guess Nabisco will find out over the next few weeks.


Luckily,  they’re all not hateful.  Those in Support of the cause have also used the platform to speak their minds as well.





Head on Over to the Oreo Facebook page to show your support.