Andy South of Project Runway comes out!

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Ain’t she lovely?! Andy South, a contestant from Project Runway’s Season 8 has come out publicly as transgender and is now living life as a woman. CONGRATS! This is a hard, tough thing to do publicly and I admire Andy! SHE joins the ranks of Carmen Carrera and Jenna Talacova to the list of girls I would fall in lust with if it weren’t for my amazing girlfriend!



So from here out out we will now speak of her as her chosen legal name - Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong. The 25 is now posting female pictures of herself on her Facebook account and had this to say about coming out in Hawaii’s eXpression magazine. ‘At the time, the author described “Nong Phon” as South’s alter ego and muse. “Nong Phon is just a part of who I am, a side of me some people are familiar with and others are not,” the designer is quoted as saying. “She is not all there is to me, but a part of who I am as a whole…people who are close to me know who I am and I have continued to receive support, especially from my mom who is still by my side every step of the way.”



This is great – more and more people are coming out as transgender – something that many LGB people even at times struggle to understand, or forget to support. Their struggle is our too, but is different and in need of attention. You will always find transgender stories on and we will always respect the individuals featured as the gender they live their lives. That is why the person we formerly known as “Andy” should always be referred to as female and as her legal name, Nong.



Congrats to you Nong and may may blessings flow your way! We are with you in the struggle.