Fourth of July was filled with Drag Queens, Lesbians and Fireworks!

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Hey readers! So on the Fourth of July, I headed to Fire Island, on Long Island – the countries own little gay paradise. I spent the day on Cherry Grove, one of two ‘gay’ islands off the South Shore of Long Island, where my girlfriend and I are regulars. And every year on Cherry Grove and The Pines (the other, more exclusive and pricey island) is The Invasion of The Pines – a celebration and parade of all that is Drag Queens in their glory.  (That’s my sister with some lovely ladies of the day!)


You can find out the full history on The Invasion of The Pines on our awesome blog post here!


And as promised, I made friends with the Queens, got lots of great pics and had an amazing day! Sybil Bruncheon was the host of the parade and even pulled me up on stage during her polka-dot filled fantasy of a day! Here she is interviewing this years Miss Fire Island – Logan Hardcore. Logan is awesome -we see her around the grove all the time! She is fierce and does this great pool shows weekly!



So as promised, here is The Invasion of The Pines for 2012, from my point of view! Shout outs to my friends Beth, J, the lovely people from the CM Theatre in Oakdale who are putting on La Cage, Wendy and The Ice Palace/Grove Hotel, Cherry Grove Pizza and the adorable Carmine, Rosa the cat at Fernandys gift shop, the memory of Jason Cozmo and more! Hope you enjoy the pics – they are sure to entertain and hopefully convince you to come next year!


Bat girl!



She made this whole costume herself!


This Queen actually arrived on a boat – as a lobster – that is DEDICATION!




This was an insanely done mermaid costume – it looked heavy, but SICKENING!




The creepy Statue of Liberty!


Panzi, the Queen who started the invasion 36 years ago!


Cute dresses, girls!


A girl as Karl Lagerfeld! YES!


And there were a ton of Olympic Flame-ers!


The lovely Shequida, who does a Monday night show at The Ice Palace…


The Queen in the pink made her costume, the orange and the white costume in the very first pic! It was so hot and they were so nice!


These ‘Bridesmaids’ were simply adorable! And matched The Ice Palace!


And to save my favorite for last – this group of Queens were the NYC Skyline on the 4th of July!




I had an AMAZING day on Cherry Grove with my girlfriend, sister and mom! How wonderful are the costumes and this day?  What do you think?