Big Gay Ice Cream Shop makes me hungry!

Keywords: big gay ice cream shop, gay ice cream, nyc


In 2009, Brian Petroff and Doug Quint – business men and life partners, decided to open up an ice cream truck and call it the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. The truck turned out delish combinations, treats with fun names such as ‘the salty pimp’ and fun times! Then, last year the men opened a storefront by 7th ave and Ave A in NYC and it’s been a hit ever since!



Last year, when my girlfriends father was in the city, he picked up a card for the place for us! How cute!! I’ve followed them on Twitter ever since and now find that’s how I get my daily brain fix of ice cream! Reading all their tweets to celebrities and reading about their yummy daily (and ever changing) concoctions, I get so excited! Follow them too and go get some ice cream! It’s hot out!!