NY upholds same-sex marriage constitutionality

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Last year on June 24th, New York made history by becoming one of the 8 states in the US to recognize same-sex marriage. I remember the night it happened – my girlfriend and I were having a small party in our apartment with close friends. If the act failed, we would be surrounded by love – but when it passed, we were all crying and hugging each other. However the realist in my also remembers feeling fear that night. Was I the only one who was afraid this would be fought or overturned? Certainly not…


And so while we were ‘Invading the Pines’ in drag as a testament to our culture, or lighting off fireworks, The New York Supreme Court was busy fighting and upholding the Marriage Equality Act, as it was challenged by others and I’m sure will be again. People cant just leave rights well enough alone. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, an extreme Christian Fundamentalist Group challenged the act in The Supreme Court in Rochester, trying to claim it was unjust and unfair.

Well, they lose because on Friday, July 6th, the Marriage Equality Act was reaffirmed by a unanimous 5 – 0 decision. It was quite an epic fail for those ‘christians’ who tried to hurt others and strip them of their rights. And you tell me – what kind of ‘chrisitians’ try to hurt others and rally to take rights away?