dark, sexy, beautiful…and possible tattoos?

Keywords: kukula, frieda kahlo, chola pin-ups, tattoo lous, irish jay

by Kukula

Right now I’m on a bit of a goth-meets-Galadriel-anime-broken-doll art kick. I admit it – I love street art (especially political, renegade style art like Bansky – side note: watch the movie ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’) and am looking to add another tattoo to my already large collection. I’m picky about tattoos – I have been inked about 20 some-odd times, mostly by one awesome man named Irish Jay at Tattoo Lou’s in Coram. Jay’s the one who did my back piece…



This pic is old, and since then I’ve added quite a bit to behind my ears and neck, shoulders and such. But I’m looking to add to what I think will by my arm. Hence the obsessing over powerful-beautiful in their own way, girl-girl style contemporary paintings. I initially wanted a painting by my favorite artist, Freida Kahlo entitled ‘The Two Freida’s’



But since I don’t want anything on my leg anymore, and instead on my arm…I’m looking around….enter today’s pretty cool pic gallery. You tell me – whats the best one to get tattooed on my arm?






This is my favorite, courtsey of Official Chola Pin-ups. I kind of want her on my arm more than Freida. Do any of you have beautiful woman tattoos that mean a lot to you? I always also wanted a pin-up! I’m going to run out of room!!