Queen does bad tribute, drives Britney ‘crazy’

Keywords: britney spears, drag queen, x-factor



NO – that’s not a drag queen – that’s Britney Spears. Our beloved ‘queen of the queers’ has disappointed some – again –  by storming off stage while filming X-Factor. It seems that this time, a male contestant dressed in drag attempted to perform a rendition of Spears’ hit ‘Crazy’.


Well how appropriate that the performance was so bad that Ms. Spears acted offended (if you can call it acting), left the stage and held up production. According to US magazine, Cowell told the ‘Queen’…”I don’t think she quite understood your tribute…”


US reports that ”the teary-eyed singer explained that he “had to fight real hard to get here,” and claimed that because he’s on welfare and can’t afford to pay his phone bill, he nearly missed his X Factor audition call.”


Spears eventually returned to the stage, arms crossed and feigned the words “I really respect the tribute. It was really nice, but I just don’t feel like it’s for X Factor. Sorry, sweetie.”




Whatever, Brit.