A gay one, that is!

Keywords: bear, gay culture, bear oreo


My girlfriend and I are going on a mini-vacation to Fire Island (Cherry Grove, specifically) again, and as she meticulously plans her adorable femmey-yet-butch outfits I am thinking about the things I look forward to, including spending time with some of the local bears! So, today is a little ‘Gay Culture 101′ for those of you not in the know!


So if you’ve wandered onto this site, you know that here (and in the LGBTQ community) a rainbow stands for equality, diversity, support and unity. When you go to Fire Island, you see other cool flags, like the design above. That flag, with tan, grey and brown stripes is a flag for the ‘Bear’ community. ‘Bear’ is the nickname for cute, lovey, facial hair wearing,  husky sexy men!



Yeah, baby!


The Bears have their own flag that stands proud on the dock of the Ice Palace, my favorite place to party when at Cherry Grove! Drag Queen pool shows, adorable bears, cheap drinks and rooms- whats not to love!


And what I love most is that after the whole ‘rainbow controversy’ over at Oreo, someone made this picture from the original Oreo put out…


Adorable! Bears have their own parades, clubs, hang outs and style, just like people who like to call themselves ‘femmes’ or ‘butch’. So…have you hugged a bear today?