Jodi plus lesbians equals….?

Keywords: jodi picoult, sing you home, lesbian book and cd


I love to read. I love to read for leisure and I LOVE to read for work and/or learning purposes. I love to read blogs, news, signs while I drive (it makes my girlfriend go nuts) and I even love to read the ingredients on foreign food labels. It’s all interesting, its all life and it’s all delicious to me. And so I’m trying to decide which book I want to be my weekend-at-Cherry-Grove-read and want your help!


 My girlfriend is an avid fan of Jodi Picoult, the fiction author who has some of the most popular on (numerous) best-seller lists. Her books are gorgeous works of art put onto paper. Well researched, educational and at times gut-wrenchingly real, Jodi brings it. And so in pondering my next read, my girlfriend suggested ‘Sing You Home’ – a novel that also comes with a cd of music that interplays with the story. The novel tells the story of two women in love who can’t be together. I wont tell you why or what happens because from what my beloved claims, it’s just too good.

Jodi wrote the book and began researching gay and lesbian rights and in the process her son Kyle (who was 17 at the time) came out to her. There’s a beautiful story about it from USA Today that I sent to my girlfriend when I first saw it. Jodi is a super-mom, super-ally and super-author. That’s not why I need your help deciding, because I’m also contemplating a few other really great sounding books! (And no, it’s NOT 50 Shades of Grey.)