I love Barbie & I super-love her Twitter!

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Thats what I’M sayin’!

So I have a confession and I don’t care how ‘un-feministy’ this makes me, but I love Barbie. I love her. She is cute, fun, has great clothing and an amazing array of jobs! Regardless of what we think of Barbie’s measurements, gender norms and stereotyping, she will always be a cultural icon, and so I love her. So much so that I have a collection of Holiday Barbies dating back almost 20 years hidden in storage! When I was little I totally pretended most of my Barbies were lesbians and I KNOW Barbie was my first crush. For real.

There was even a lesbian Barbie themed calendar that some art students made a few years ago, but Mattel sued them and shut it down. Not before some of the pics were released on line! I hope you don’t find this next picture offensive, as since Barbie doesn’t even have nipples, I figured it wasn’t too much of a big deal!

So when I found out that Barbie was on Twitter, I was super excited and had to follow!

While many of Barbie’s tweets are dumb or border line sexist, some are actually pretty good fashion and style tips like…

So true! Or this gem…

That always happens to me! That’s why I buy ‘em at The Dollar Store! But I have a feeling Barbie doesnt shop there!


And while were at it, check out this awesome addition I want for my car!


I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world!

  • Stephanie Coiro

    I love Barbie too! You know why? She was created by a woman so little girls could play with a doll who could be anything she wanted to be to send the message to little girls that women can grow up and have the dream house, car & whatever career they want. She was never sold with a ‘Ken’ for the pure reason that Barbie needed nobody but herself to survive! So Barbie was in fact a feminist statement – and Ms. Gloria is one hot chick too so everyone needs to stop hating and look at the message not just the package.

    Ok off the soap box now :)

    July 25 2012