Say what?

Keywords; the 7 deadly sins, rainbow sins, disney princess


If you frequent you will come across posts about Disney Princesses, but its never that simple. See, I love me some Disney maidens, but I take a lot issue with their characters, stories, etc. So instead I find myself more intrigued by Disney Princesses dressed as Zombies, real life portraiture or other stuff. So I don’t even really remember how I came across this, but somehow I found a rainbow picture of the Disney Princesses as The 7 Deadly Sins. (Oooooooh!) Kind of weird, kind of funny, kind of cool!



Each princess seems to be matched up to a ‘sin’ that fits her storyline/character! Pretty neat! And, there is also a 7 Virtues version!



Pocahontas is chastity, Mulan is humility. Pretty creative stuff!





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