Mother Monster meets my favorite kitty

Keywords: hello kitty, lady gaga, hello kitty dress, gays against gaga tumblr


I LOVE this! While I am not a huge Lady Gaga fan – for various reasons (check out my favorite tumblr ‘Gays Against Gaga’ here to learn why) , but I do think this is pretty darn amazing! I love Hello kitty and even have a gangster-style Hello Kitty tattoo behind my ear! When I saw this picture, it reminded me of these two awesome little girls I met while performing at last years Pride Parade – they were dressed as mini-Gaga’s!




These little girls were so cute and so sweet! And they both said they love my band, ‘The Free Candy Band’, which was adorable! I could definitely go ‘Gaga’ over them!



Ahahahahahha! So true ‘Lady’!