Morpheus ain’t got nothin’ on Lana!

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“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” – The Matrix


That’s a lot how our country and culture treats Transgender Americans today. People envelop themselves in this biblical Matrix so as not to see how ugly their behavior really is….damn – was that too deep?



Larry Wachowski, the director of the hit Matrix movies and of the highly anticipated Cloud Atlas has publicly came out as his inner truth – or rather – her’s. Larry is now Lana – a male to female transgender woman (i.e. a woman) who is on her road to becoming fully female (which is however that person defines it!)



Lana is and has been receiving hormones, been living as a female full time and is also going to engage in some kind of operative procedures. Congratulations Lana – we know this isn’t easy – so you should be commended on your strength for being yourself.


(Ahhh! That’s Arianna Huffington!) 


The more that people who are transgender feel safe enough to come out in the world and (sadly) American ‘media’, the more these individuals will receive the same rights, protections and sense of normal that all straight Americans enjoy daily. Right now, in THIS country, you cannot get fired for being homosexual, but you can legally (at both Federal and State levels) get fired for being transgender. Transgender people have a sky high suicide rate and unemployment rate. Today. In your city. At your job. We need to begin to better understand how to support the transgender community and to praise our brothers and sisters who have pride in who they are!



For real!


Props to you Lana Wachowski, Carmen Carrera (wink, wink!), Jenna Tackalova, Chaz Bono, Laura Jane Grace, Calpernia Adams, Gwen Arujo, Brandon Teena,   and every person young and old who identify as transgender. No matter if you’re out or not, or if your in the beginning of transitioning or the end - salutes you, supports you, and thinks you are sexy as hell!