Who will beat the reigning queen?

Keywords: cherry grove, gay fire island, miss cherrys


Hey everyone! Sorry there was only one post yesterday – my laptop crashed! I got it back up (shout out to the cute butchy girl at Best Buy) and now I’m back with three posts a day (and maybe some more if you’re real good!).

I know where I’ll be this Sunday! On the very gay (Fire) island of Cherry Grove with my amazing girlfriend, best friends and some Queen cattiness in store! after hitting the beach for the day we are making our way to Miss Cherry’s – an entertaining and enticing pageant to end all pageants. Lots of hot (and wanna-be) hot queens will be competing for the title (including some of my friends) so this is a not to miss!

The reigning Queen is none other than my favorite Ice Palace pool-friend Logan Hardcore. Check out this awesome shot I got of Logan on The 4th of July at The Invasion of the Pines parade!



See you Sunday for a Queen-style party! I’m sure they will be serving up lots of cat-fight-Brittney-Spears-throwin’-shade-realness.