My moment with…or as, rather, Beth & Paige.

Keywords: beth paige, bethpage federal credit union, lesbian dreams do come true, john w engeman theatre


Few people in this world know about my strange and passionate crush for two very special Long Island women – Beth & Paige. And by few people, I really mean my girlfriend and the random person I blurted it out to while waiting at the bank. So when I was working at the awesome John W. Engeman theatre in Northport I was more than excited to see their cardboard cutout of my ladies! I was able to pose with my girlfriend as my two lifelong…uh, well, year long (that’s when I started banking there) obsession with my banking beauties.


I love you ladies too! Oh wait… that’s the “Bethpage” B. Now this is not an endorsement of Bethpage Federal Credit Union but more so a tribute to these two awesome gals. Now my mission is to find out more about them and locate their actual personas. (or their fake ones too.) Do they have a Facebook? Are they real? Stock photos? will find out! Any tips are greatly appreciated! Heheh.