Nominate the Long Island Crisis Center for “Best of Long Island”!

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Hey all you busy bloggers and blog readers! Today I’m going to ask you for a little help, since you all are so cool as to take a few minutes to spend with me each day – for which I am extremely thankful.



Today I am going to ask you to mobilize, advocate and help out an amazing agency on Long Island that runs programs supporting LGBTQ youth and more.


The Long Island Crisis Center (LICC), now in its 41st year of serving the community, is the premiere 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week/365 days-a-year suicide prevention and crisis intervention hotline agency.  It provides free, confidential and anonymous counseling, referrals and support to all Long Islanders at critical times in their lives.  Under the LICC umbrella, four initiatives provide support and life-changing services:  Pride for Youth (LGBTQ youth); MPowerment Long Island (GBTQ young men); Street Outreach Project (runaway/homeless youth); and the Community Education Workshops Program (students and faculty on-site in school districts).  In 2011, LICC was a life-saver to more than 32,000 Long Islanders.  Click to nominate the Long Island Crisis Center for best non-for-profit on Long Island. Simply click on the link below!


Spread the word about this – maybe if nothing else, you can nominate us and then ‘share’ this post by clicking the little Facebook icon at the bottom of the page. Please? I don’t ask for much! :)


Check out Pride for Youth at  , Mpowerment Long Island – an amazing program for young gay men ages 17-24. I’ve seen the program and it really is a dope place to meet other young guys, other than just hanging at the club. Plus the people who run these programs are really down-to-earth cool guys.




Please nominate them today! If they get enough nominations, they’ll advance to the voting round. This will help them help thousands of more LGBTQ individuals just like you. Thanks!